If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them. But if you discover your possibilities, you get to create them.
Kelly Lee Phipps


In a world of such diversity, the language of astrology is Universal. We may all have different skin colors, diverse ethnicities and cultures. We may be divided by our religions and beliefs. We may speak many different languages and live in different parts of the world. We are all motivated by different things.

No matter the infinite number of differences between us… there is one thing we all have in common! We all live under the same sky! When we look up into that big beautiful Universe, we are all looking at the same set of stars and constellation – the same Sun, the same Moon, the same Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter – and the same Milky Way. It is only our perception of what we see that divides us.

~May the Stars and Spirit be with you~


Ora'lea Starr

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