Dedicated to my mentor Kelly Lee Phipps

Kelly used to tell everyone that he and I were cosmic Aquarius, Sag-rising brother and sister. He would make everyone look at our faces together, front view and side view – so they could see the “resemblance” between us. And it’s true, we had this sort of brother-sister energy.

I’ll never forget the first time we met. We each drove hundreds of miles to meet each other in Key West, Florida. He took me to purchase my first astrology books. We sat in a coffee shop together, as I read the books. Kelly sat across the room, working on astrology charts, of course. Every now and then, he would glance over at me, with a loving and knowing smile – his eyes dancing with delight as I was being infused with the language of the stars.

We sat at the beach, and Kelly showed me how to draw up a chart by hand. We spent three days together, immersed in astrology, immersed in our new friendship. A few months later, I moved to Asheville, North Carolina to apprentice with Kelly. Our friendship deepened. My knowledge of astrology grew exponentially though Kelly’s brilliant teaching. That friendship lasted twelve years, until Kelly’s transition, and it continues to blossom in spirit.

Maybe he is in Japan, wearing his robe. Maybe he is traveling the cosmos. Where ever he is, I still hear his voice and feel his presence. He touched the lives of so many – so deeply, and so willingly. He loved humanity. He loved astrology with all the passion that one could possess. He loved his son. He loved his freedom. Being authentic meant everything to him.

So, anyway. I just miss him.

Thank you, Kelly, for being one of the most inspiring, genuine, passionate, alive, authentic, brilliant, loving, zany, intelligent, quirky, creative people I’ve ever met. Thank you for accepting and loving everyone, and for being someone that impacted the lives of so many. You will never be forgotten.

Always in my heart…

Ora'lea Starr

About Kelly Lee Phipps

Kelly Lee Phipps was born February 5, 1971 and he left us to play in the stars on March 25, 2014. Our inspired warrior was a guide, a Father, a Brother, a Son and friend to all humanity. A comic astronaut, he sailed into enlightening dimensions only to bring them back down to share with the world. His quest was always to liberate and help others find their own unique calling in life. His enthusiasm for life goes unmatched as did his courage battling the cancerous brain tumor that claimed his earthly body.

Although we miss his uplifting presence we must carry on his polymathic perspective, his fearlessness, and his brilliant heart into our daily lives. Helping his son, Arian, he wanted his writings and poetry and recorded teachings to continue to be made available to help finance what he no longer could.

Kelly Lee Phipps

My mentor, Kelly Lee Phipps before his passing in 2014. You can view his website at

A “Love Letter” to Kelly

Thank you for sharing your unique and special gifts with the world

Your longings and yearnings, your pain and your loneliness

Your hopes, dreams and wishes, and all your silly and brilliant ideas

Thank you for sharing the sound of your laugh and the sound of your cry

For sharing with us your joy, your love, your humanness

Thank you for your sweet and tender hugs

And that very special gleam that is unique to your eyes only

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and truth, for

It is your very true and authentic essence

That color and season the elixir of life for all to drink

Don’t change a thing


Thank you for being you in this very moment

In your own special way

Where ever you are…

Tripping around in the Cosmos

Thank you for the way you smile, the sound of your voice, the way you walk

Thank you for all of your lovely quirks and eccentricities

And for helping those in your life to grow

I can still hear the sound of your inspired voice

And sense your electrifying presence giving me tingles

You will always remain one of my greatest teachers

Please don’t change a thing


I miss you, Kelly!

Love always,

Ora'lea Starr

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