Ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius Saturn and Uranus in Taurus move us to take care of business this week 

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Aloha People!

The highlights of this week’s cosmic weather include the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The pressure is still on. We are required to take care of business, while also keeping our sights set on the future. This is only the beginning of the story, and the opening plot is being revealed! This energy is with us through the end of 2021, so make the most of it!

Mars and Pluto are teaming up in an alliance on Wednesday. When we align our human will (Mars) with Divine Will (Pluto), we find ourselves on the path of our highest good and in alignment with our soul desires. This is grounded, earthy energy leading to big time manifestation!Venus leaves friendly Aquarius and swims into Pisces on Thursday. Venus in the sign of the mystic, poet, and dreamer is looking for soul connection. Everything looks good through rose-colored glasses, just make sure your prince is really a prince, and not just a frog full of warts. Remember to take a time out and keep a few boundaries in place.

The Full Moon on Saturday happens at 9 degrees Virgo.  Opposite the Sun in imaginative Pisces, we are bringing our visions down to earth. Pisces is ethereal, spiritual energy and wants to escape into a world of dreams. Virgo is earth bound and tuned into the mundane tasks of daily living. Both are about sacrifice and service. Taken together, this Full Moon is bringing our visions down to earth. Saturn inconjunct Aquarius joins the full moon party, requiring us to make a few adjustments and tend to our responsibilities, duties, and obligations. We reach our goals with patience, perseverance, and planning. Our reward is achievement and success, along with wisdom, maturity, and self-mastery.

Until next week, may the stars and spirit be with you…


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