Language of the Soul Astrology

Monday, May 31 thru Sunday, June 6
Astrological Highlights for the week: Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday; Last Quarter Lunar
Cycle also starts on Wednesday; Sun trines Saturn on Thursday; Venus trines Jupiter; Mercury
squares Neptune on Saturday, while Mars opposes Pluto.

Tuesday, June 1

Void of Course Moon enters Pisces at 2:07 am

While we were sleeping, the moon slipped into imaginative Pisces, perhaps enlivening our dreamtime and awakening our hearts to the spiritual, psychic, and ethereal realms. We may feel like we’re floating through the day. Like the Two Fishes that symbolize the Piscean nature, we find ourselves swimming in a sea of possibilities. The energies of the eclipse season have been pretty intense and emotional. We could be tempted to escape into altered states of consciousness to avoid feeling more pain, grief, or suffering. Life can be cruel. It can also be beautiful. Like the Two Fishes, they are intertwined. Long as we are on planet Earth, there will be suffering. There will also be love, joy, and bliss. Compassion and unity bring us closer to love. Without love, there is only suffering. Again, we are all in this thing together. Anything you can imagine is possible.

Wednesday, June 2

Moon in Pisces

Venus enters Cancer 6:10 am

The last quarter the lunar cycle begins on Wednesday. We are letting go and clearing the clutter in preparation for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10. Since we are in-between Eclipses, it might feel even more essential to bring this last emotional cycle to completion. It’s been intense, folks. Many of us are crying for mercy and seeking much needed relief from sustained pressures and powerful forces beyond our control. We’re in a time of deep introspection. More compassion, love, and acceptance are needed (and please don’t forget to include yourself!!) We are seeking closure as we release excess clutter, toxic people, toxic behaviors, and self-sabotaging patterns, thought, and actions.

As Mercury continues his retrograde journey, we are encouraged to go inward—rethinking, rearranging, recalibrating, and readjusting our priorities so we can realign with our soul’s ultimate destiny. Get onto your knees (if you’re not already there) and surrender. Let go and let God. It’s time!

Also on Wednesday, Venus—Goddess of Love enters nurturing and protective Cancer. Thriving in the deep realm of feelings and emotions, Venus in Cancer is protective of home, roots, and family. She wants to ensure that her loved ones feel safe, loved, needed, and cared for. Cancer is associated with the mother, nurturer, and caretaker archetypes. She is clan-oriented, and anyone whom she loves can be considered family. As such, a deep sense of belonging and togetherness are top priorities now.  Venus is about love and values. Cancer is seeking safety, security, acceptance, and unconditional love – to name a few. As we head into the summer months, Cancer season will be upon us. It’s a time for gardening, home beautification projects, backyard barbeques, and time spent with those close to us. More to come…

Thursday, June 3

Moon in Pisces/Aries

Moon Void of Course at 4:10 am, entering Aries at 10:59 am

Luna’s entrance in Aries brings on the heat with a good dose of cardinal fire. With so many planets in Air and Water signs, a little Fire might be just what the doctor ordered to motivate us out of our fog. Aries is independent, strong, bold and daring. On a quest for adventure, the Warrior courageously takes action to look after its own needs and desires. Seize the day!

The Gemini Sun trines retrograding Saturn in Aquarius today. We take pride in our accomplishments as we continue to work hard. A strong sense of discipline, patience, and perseverance are the character traits that help us stick to the plan, eventually achieving our well-planned goals. With Saturn in retrograde through October, instant gratification may be hard to come by, but today is one of those days where we might be able to see glimmers of the finish line in the shimmering distance.


Saturday, June 5

Moon in Aries/Taurus

Moon Voice of Course at 3:47 pm enters Taurus at 10:46 pm

Today has the potential to be downright confusing and potentially volatile.  Let’s begin with Mercury’s square to Neptune. Mercury rules logic and thought process, while Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, and fantasies. The square can be an angle of tension and crisis, aimed at spiritual growth (but not without a challenge). Like a surfer going over the falls, it’s hard to know up from down or left from right. As we swirl around in a sea of mist, communication could be a little tricky. Texts sent to the wrong person, confusing language, false assumptions, or deluded thinking could feature. But hey, on the other hand, it could be a great day to sink into some art, poetry, or experiment with colors and painting or sculpting. Either way, it might be best not to reach any final conclusions about anything important. And if you don’t have to sign any contracts, it might be best to wait until the fog clears.

If that weren’t enough, Mars in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn, and major power struggles could be the order of the day. Combine that with cloudy communications and magical thinking, and we could feel like a volcano ready to blow – or the volcano could spew hot lava toward us from somewhere else. Either way, the sheer power and magnitude of a volcanic eruption creates new land, is chocked full of life-giving minerals, and precious metals. Ultimately it gives life, but as it is erupting, it produces dangerous and life-threatening gases, heat, smoke, fire, and ask that are all toxic and can kill. Psychologically, we can think of it as a massive eruption of emotion from deep below the surface in the hidden subconscious realms of our being. Though it can be scary, it can also be cathartic and extraordinarily freeing. If you’re not into all that heat, maybe the best way to handle this energy is to find a project that you can sink your teeth into and turn off your cell phone…lol

Later tonight, the Moon will ground itself into earthy Taurus, and we could find a sense of peace and serenity by surrounding ourselves with the sounds of nature, getting a massage and a good meal, or just going to bed early.

Sunday, June 6

Moon Taurus

With Venus now in Cancer and the Moon in earthy Taurus, keeping our focus on home and family could give us a feeling of grounding and security, especially following the potentially volcanic, emotional energy of the past couple of day. Venus-ruled Taurus is tuned into the five physical senses and has an eye for beauty and pleasure. Eating, sleeping, exercising, resting, touching, and being held are all things that can get us back into our body and out of our head. Perhaps a walk on the beach or out in the woods, a picnic with your favorite foods as the birds and butterflies flutter and chatter in the background. Later in the evening, maybe some body work, more good food, and a mineral salt bath? Peace, quiet, serenity… Count me in!

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