Language of the Soul Astrology

Monday, May 3 – Moon in Aquarius – Mercury enters Gemini at 4:48 pm
Did you sleep? Or were the chattering monkeys in your mind keeping you awake worrying about your duties, obligations, and responsibilities. The rebellious Aquarian Moon would rather not follow the rules, but with Mercury square Jupiter, the Sun square Saturn, and a Moon-Saturn conjunction, we are ready to wrap up any leftover problems and reorient ourselves to the task at hand —adjusting our expectations and plans under a Waning Quarter Phase Moon. The pressure is ON! When Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini today, our minds are activated, and we are feeling chatty! Listen to the Cosmic Weather Report to find out more about Mercury in Gemini.

Tuesday, May 4 – Moon in Aquarius – Moon enters Pisces at 4:09 pm
It’s a quiet morning, if not a little lazy, and we could be off to a slow to start. When the Moon catches up with Jupiter in Aquarius later in the day, we are feeling philosophical as we search for truth and meaning in our lives. We optimistically seek out new horizons so we can grow and expand beyond our current boundaries. Our faith is restored, and our future is bright! Just after the Moon enters Pisces, we find ourselves open to magic with a Jupiter-Uranus quintile that could bring new ideas that inspire and excite.

Wednesday, May 5 – Moon in Pisces
We’re feeling sensitive, protective, and compassionate when the Pisces Moon trines Mars in Cancer early this morning. A Venus-Chiron semi-square could leave us feeling a little vulnerable and unsure of ourselves, as old wounds are re-opened, and we search for acceptance. We get a boost when Jupiter (faith) empowers Ceres (belonging), helping us to heal and move beyond our hurts. The Pisces Moon sextiles both Pluto and Venus solidifying our connection to powerful love that reminds us we are never truly alone. We are all connected in a collective energy of unity and divine purpose.

Thursday, May 6 – Moon in Pisces
Intimacy, connection, divine love, and unity is the order of the day. A Venus-Pluto trine enhances the power of love, but boundaries are blurred when the Pisces Moon conjuncts ruling planet Neptune. Daydreaming and fantasy can lead to creative visions and works of art. Dance, music, mediation, yoga, and spiritual practice are favored over the urge to escape into drugs, alcohol, too much food or other addictive tendency. Engage your imagination and dare to dream!

Friday, May 7 – Moon in Aries We are awakened from our Piscean dreamworld with a strong-willed, ‘I AM’ Aries Moon today. It’s aloha Friday, and we are ready for some adventure and free spiritedness.  We may be inclined to make a phone call or two later this afternoon when the Moon sextiles Mercury. The energy changes dramatically tonight with a Moon-Mars square. Conflicts over differing emotional needs could spark an argument. There is a fine line between anger and motivation—aggression and assertiveness. Impulsive actions can lead to hurt feelings. A more mature warrior knows when and how to take action.

Saturday, May 8 – Moon in Aries –
Venus enters Gemini at 4:01 pm
When Venus squares Jupiter, we may be tempted to go overboard with apologies after yesturday’s conflicts, which could further undermine our ability to get our needs met. Thanks to a Moon -Saturn sextile, we can detach a bit, and look at everything objectively. When Venus enters Gemini at 4:01 pm, we become motivated to talk things out in the spirit of compromise. While the planet of love in the sign of the Twins, we are curious about love. We seek variety, new friends, and intellectually fun, flirty connections. If we are single, we might meet more than one new potential mate, or find ourselves dating more than one person at a time.

Sunday, May 9 – Moon in Aries – Moon enters Taurus at 1:47 pm
Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a feisty day and the Warrior isn’t afraid to go into battle. When the Aries Moon squares Pluto early this morning, fuel is added to the leftover embers from last Friday, and sparks may be flying all over again. When lively Mercury bumps into war torn Eris, we could have some brutal words. The Taurus Moon could settle things down a bit if we get out in Nature, surround ourselves with plants, animals, birds, and rolling hills—soothing our rocked nervous systems. The body has the final say. How can you calm down and settle into a state of peace and serenity? Maybe a massage, a little gardening, some soft music, or healing touch? After the last fiery couple of days in Aries, a little grounding might be nice as we tune into the present moment and find ourselves starting to relax and unwind.

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