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Language of the Soul Astrology 

Monday, May 10 – Moon in Taurus – Mercury conjunct the North Node – We are heading in new directions when Mercury in Gemini joins the North Node. We are curious and ready to leave the past behind. As the Moon in Taurus joins Uranus, solid change is on order. We are ripe for a breakthrough. Healing conversations are possible with a Mercury-Chiron connection. When the Moon squares Saturn, however, we could feel a little emotionally detached and even alone, realizing that self-reliance is part of life.

Tuesday, May 11 – New Moon in Taurus
Power struggles are the order of the day with a challenging aspect between Mercury and Pluto, but our energies may be low under the melancholy energies of the current lunar cycle. And while the New Moon in Taurus is seeking peace and serenity, a Mars-Chiron square this afternoon may cause us to hurt others and be hurt to the same extent ourselves, as we stir up old pain and find ourselves triggered by long standing issues of rejection and abandonment. As Mars also empowers Uranus, we have an opportunity to breakthrough our triggers and not act or react from a wounded place of being of the victim.

And finally, when the moon trines Pluto, we sink into our truth and cut the crap, eliminating whatever stands in the way of our highest good (be it outdated belief systems, letting go of being the victim, letting go of toxic people and emotional dishonesty) and claiming our power to be true to our soul’s intent to evolve and grow in a healthy way through higher levels of consciousness.

Wednesday, May 12 – Moon enters Gemini
We awaken to an all-day Gemini Moon supported by a Mercury-Saturn trine that tunes us into logic, objectivity, and inventive genius. When the Moon connects with social, beauty seeking Venus, we are tuned into our values, our friendships, and maybe even a little shopping spree (provided we have expendable cash on hand). A beautiful Sun-Neptune connection tunes us into our imagination, music, romance, fantasy, and dreams. We are feeling compassionate with a sense of oneness with all of creation. Overall, this seems like a nice, light, positive energy-filled day (provided there isn’t something challenging in your personal astrology…lol)!

Thursday, May 13 – Moon in Gemini – Jupiter enters Pisces at 12:35 pm
Gemini Moon trines Saturn and joins Mercury this morning. Our thoughts and emotions are in alignment, and we are curiously focused on realistic plans and goals. Jupiter enters imaginative Pisces today and will spend 11 weeks swimming with the Fishes before moving retrograde back into Aquarius. While in Pisces, we have a renewed sense of faith in spiritual ideals and creative visions. Jupiter is about growth and expansion. Pisces is mystical, poetic, and dreamy. Taken together, Jupiter in Pisces enlarges the scope of synchronicity, divine love, unity, and compassion—engaging our imagination and expanding our consciousness through philosophical ideals and activities like expressive dance, meditation, and yoga. We might even find ourselves talking to along with connections to angels, fairies, unicorns—the world of plants, animals, fishes, and insects.

Friday, May 14 – Moon in Gemini – Moon void of course 8:57 am – 3:31 pm – Moon enters Cancer at 3:31 pm
After a night of ethereal and mysterious dreams, we may find ourselves making a few adjustments to realign our current reality with the interest of our highest good. What do we need to let go of? Can last night’s dreamtime offer you a glimpse into your unconscious motivations? Maybe you can take pen to paper in your journal this morning and see if you can find your truth.

By 9 am, the Moon is void of course, and we are free to just drift for a while, letting ourselves float along until the Moon enters emotional Cancer around 3 pm, connecting with Jupiter, expanding our faith in home, roots, and family. 

Saturday, May 15 – Moon in Cancer
Too many squabbles to mention in what could be a rather frustrating day of arguments and hurt feelings. Look for breakthroughs, and try to reach outside of the box for new ways of communicating and expressing anger and shame. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Sunday, May 16 – Moon in Cancer
It looks like another tough day for relationships with multiple squabbles, miscommunications, vulnerability, hurt feelings, frustration, and angst.

The Moon in Cancer is feeling vulnerable, and we may need to retreat into our shells for a while and try not to attack anyone with our pinchers. Cancer rules the stomach, and we could find ourselves with indigestion and cramps today, as we are pressed to the emotional wall.

Compassion gives us a way out, but we’ve gotta cut through the muck to get to it. It’s good to remember that compassion isn’t just for the other guy. Having compassion for ourselves is just as important. None of us is perfect. Tomorrow is another day, and it definitely seems more optimistic.

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