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Astrological Highlights for the Week:

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on Thursday; Mars enters Leo on Friday; Venus sextiles Uranus on Saturday; and the Sun squares Neptune on Sunday

Monday, June 7 – Moon in Taurus
We are days away from the end of the Lunar cycle with an upcoming New Moon on Thursday. This is prime time to sort through your closets, garage, dresser, and nightstands (even your car!) and decide if there are a few things you can part with. Do they hold any financial value? Sentimental value? Or are they just taking up space? During this Mercury Retrograde phase (and all these planets in Gemini), there is a lot of thinking going on. Thinking about the past, looking forward to the future, and connecting all the dots between where we were yesterday and where we will be tomorrow. At some point, however, all “thought” and “no action” leads to nothing but magical thinking.

We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it. Sometimes ‘things’ are not the only ‘thing’ taking up space. What about rigid belief patterns that no longer serve us? What about denial? What about addictions? What about anger, judgment, or potential issues with self-worth or self-esteem? What about toxic people and situations in our lives? As Mercury continues to call a review of the past and how it applies to the present and the future, perhaps we will draw up a new plan, and remove a few ‘dots’ along the bridge to a better future. How can you give yourself the cleanest possible path? How can you be in integrity not only to others, but also to yourself and to the manifestation of your hopes, goals, and wishes.

Tonight, a sweet, but brief Lunar connection to Neptune helps us see the beauty in the people and world around us. This is incredible energy for creative writers, poets, artists, and musicians. But you don’t have to be any of those things to appreciate love, beauty, and the finer things in life. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 8

Moon in Taurus/Gemini

Moon Void of Course at 8:07 am and enters Gemini at 11:47 am

This morning, we are being supported to get things done by a Lunar connection to powerful Pluto and energetic Mars, however, today is the first day of many ‘Void of Course’ Lunar periods this week, so things could fizzle out earlier than expected. 

What does it mean when the Moon is Void of Course? Well, this occurs when the Moon makes its final major aspect (connection) with another planet before changing signs. A void of course moon often happens several times a week and can last anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day. I read a short post from Elite Daily (written by Elise Edwards), and she says this about the VOC Moons:

The void-of-course (VOC) moon is sort of like your iPhone’s iOS update. As your phone transitions into a new operating system, you kind of just have to do something else for a while until it comes back online. – Elise Edwards”

Following today’s VOC Moon, the new ‘operating system’ will be Gemini, and we may be more interested in talking than doing. The Twins are imbued with the ‘gift of gab,’ meaning they can talk a pretty good game. They might even be able to sell snow to an Eskimo if you get my drift…lol. Gossip is one of the potentially darker aspects the Geminian vibe, which could be precariously dangerous during a Mercury Retrograde (especially if you send and email or text to an unintended recipient by mistake!!)

In any case, the best of this energy is light, playful, and interesting. Think Peter Pan! Creativity bubbles just below the surface, and there is always something new we can learn, especially if we are willing to be social and connect with others. Get out and explore your surroundings, make a few connections, have a conversation—gather and share something curious.

Wednesday, June 9 – Moon in Gemini
We are in final preparation for the New Moon Solar Eclipse happening at 3:52 am Pacific Standard Time). Psychologically this is a time of release, as we prepare our energy field for new and interesting people and situations. Many of us have been reviewing our lives with a fine-tooth comb during this Mercury Retrograde period, and we have some idea of what and/or whom we need to release (recall that both Pluto and Saturn are also retrograde. We are really unearthing some inner dirt, meeting a few inner demons, and becoming conscious of the messes we might need to clean up, the problems we need to solve, and a plan of action to get it done).

By mid-afternoon, the Gemini Moon connects with forward thinking Saturn in Aquarius, and we are strongly encouraged to make plans and act. Recall that this is still the Balsamic Lunar phase today, so action taken is that of preparation. Action yields results! Think of action as the ‘money,’ which reminds me of the saying, “Money talks and bullsh*t walks.” I’m also reminded of another saying,” Sh*t or get off the pot!” Come on people, let’s do this thing!

During the Moon/Saturn connection, I will be with a dear friend, who mirrors by spiritual beliefs and honors the Lunar cycles. We are planning to go to the beach and bathe some new crystals (that we bought last week) in the ocean. This is part of the cleansing process. We will be preparing the stones for new energy (but not until the New Moon). And the most important part of that involves clearing the old energy. Perhaps we will write a list of things we wish to let go of. Perhaps we will start a bonfire, say a prayer, state an intention to let go of fear, behaviors, things, toxic people and situations, and then ceremoniously place our lists into the fire. Let the magic begin!

Thursday, June 10 – Moon in Gemini
New Moon Eclipse at 19 degrees, 46 minutes of Gemini – Moon Void of Course at 10:38 am
The New Moon at 19 degrees, 46 minutes of Gemini early this morning is also a Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when a portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon which fully or partially blocks the sunlight. This occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned. Many astrologers believe that eclipses are at least 10 times more powerful than regular new and full Moons.

Where does 19 degrees, 46 minutes of Gemini land in your astrological birth chart? This area of your life is ripe for new beginnings. Last week, I used an analogy of an exploding volcano to describe the intense power that can be released when we finally decide to let go of seething emotions buried and brewing below the surface of consciousness. During this New Moon, we are offered the opportunity to use that power to create new emotional landscapes that are healthy, secure, and brimming with possibility for a better future.

With Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) retrograding within 1 degree of this New Moon, we are truly releasing aspects of the past, as we change directions and set new intentions with help from a loose trine of the New Moon to Saturn in Aquarius. Today is the first day of the rest of life! What do you want to do with it? Neptune in Pisces also connects with the New Moon, which could either be confusing and destabilizing, or wildly creative and magical (maybe a bit of both?). If you’ve done your homework and are prepared, I’m betting on a little magic and a motherload of creativity!

As the day progresses, Mercury will back into perfect fusion with the Sun in Gemini, delivering intuitive messages about the past, present, and future. Maybe you want to keep a pen and paper nearby. This is divine intervention from the spirit of Hermes, the Winged Messenger and an opportunity to collaborate with a power greater than yourself, one who can intuitively fill in missing gaps and pieces to the puzzle of your life, creating a beautiful masterpiece for you to behold.

Friday, June 11 – Moon in Gemini/Cancer – Mars enters Leo 6:34 am – Void of Course Moon enters Cancer at 12:23 am
The Moon slipped into her home sign of Cancer in the middle of the night. With an early morning connection to Jupiter in Pisces, we are encouraged to be nurturing, kind, loving, and compassionate—not only with others, but also with ourselves. Feeling and emotions are strong. It’s the day after the powerful Solar Eclipse, and a little bit of nurturing can go a long way. Cancer is protective of family (and this does not always mean blood relatives, as it includes anyone you consider to be part of your ‘clan’). The past few days (or few weeks) have potentially been very inward and secluded. Today could be a good day to reconnect with those you consider most important. Let them know how much you love them, reminding them that you are still there and that your love for them remains strong.

And just to be sure you take care of your own needs as well, Mars in Leo arrives like a knight in shining armor to the rescue! During the last six weeks, Mars in Cancer kept us tied to home, work, and family responsibilities. Anytime we tried to put our own oxygen mask on first, we may have been shunned as being irresponsible or made to feel guilty, either by others or by our own harsh inner critic, but Mars in Leo says, “No, I won’t have it!

Mars describes our motivation, desire, and ability to act on impulse. Leo is radiant, optimistic, self-confident, and prefers to be in the spotlight. Most of all, Mars in Leo wants to be recognized for all its superstar qualities! Mars in Leo is playful, romantic, adventurous, chivalrous. Think of the dashing King or Queen, in all its royal garb. Or Mick Jagger busting the moves on stage, entertaining us with his generous performance, or a young child on a bike for their first time saying, “Mommy, Daddy – Look at me!!

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which in turn rules our heart center or solar core. Mars in Leo wants to shine brightly, radiating its love in 360 playful degrees. It also wants to be seen! And so does everyone else! So while we are taking center stage and dazzling the world with our creative talents and awesome-ness of being—how can we also recognize others for the way they shine? Everyone has something to be proud of, even if we can’t all be kings, queens, or rockstars. We all still have an inner creative child waiting to loved, cherished, and admired. Give yourself a hug! And while you’re at it, give your kids a hug! You are awesome!!!

Saturday, June 12  – Moon in Cancer
It’s another all-day Cancer Moon—domestic and even a bit introverted, focused on home, family, and nurturing relationships. Of course, Mars in Leo (as of yesterday) is just gaining its momentum and doesn’t necessarily want to be tied down with household chores, caretaking, and putting someone else’s needs before its own. Fortunately, the Universe smiles upon us later this evening when the Moon harmonizes with Neptune, helping us to feel more self-sacrificing for loved ones, if and when they need us.

Also tonight, Venus (planet of love, money, and values) harmonizes with Uranus (planet of sudden change, catharsis, rebellion, awakening). Hmmm? Can we ‘harmonize’ with Uranus? …lol. Either way, it could prove exciting. Perhaps we will meet an interesting new friend? Or we will change things up in our existing relationships, breaking up routines and adding an element of surprise. Either way, plans could change on a dime.

In the middle of the night and into Sunday afternoon, Venus also makes an uncomfortable connection to Saturn that could require some adjustments with loved ones, as not everyone is likely to be on the same page about commitments and what constitutes being in integrity. This is a passing influence, so it might be best to draw a gentle boundary and allow a little time to pass before making any final decisions. In other words, maybe you can agree to disagree and seek a little solace in your own energy field for a while doing something you love—alone.

Sunday, June 6 – Moon in Cancer/Leo – Moon Void of Course 4:16 am enters Leo at 11:22 am
I love this post by C.A Brooks from Mark’s Power peek. I don’t think I could say it better!  Thanks C.A.!

“Early morning may be spent fulfilling previous promises to family or taking care of responsibilities at home with the Moon in Cancer separating from a rigid opposition to Pluto in dutiful Capricorn. Later we are more than ok to be on our own with the Moon leaving Cancer, entering Leo, and hooking up with Mars. Like a dog let off its leash we are ready to kick up our heels and feel the wind blowing through our hair. 

We are feeling even more free and fanciful when the Sun in Gemini moves into a square with Neptune. Imagination soars but common sense does not. We may make promises to ourselves or others but whether we follow through is another story. 

Have fun today while trying not to take things too seriously. Dramatic Leo is like theatre, entertaining, and even educational, but things may not look so magical when the curtain comes down and the lights are extinguished. Even so, we can enjoy the production. – C.A. Brooks”


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