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Monday, May 17 – Moon enters Leo 2:44 am –
A Sun -Pluto trine gives us some powerful direction to start the day. The optimistic Leo Moon is ready to take the lead, but the desire to be on center stage could take away from the task at hand. Later in the day, Venus meets up with the North Node, and we could feel destined to meet up with some friends who share a similar set of values. We could even make a new friend or two. Financial matters could be favored under this influence. There may be more than one way to do things, and more than one opportunity to change your life course for the better.

Tuesday, May 18 – Moon in Leo
Venus is the featured planet today, suggesting a continued relationship theme. She connects with
Chiron, Uranus, and Pluto. We could be feeling vulnerable and looking for ways to mend broken bridges, as we make exciting breakthroughs into new levels of support and receptivity. We just need to look out for a tendency to be jealous, possessive, and suspicious. We are on a rollercoaster of feelings today, feeling easily hurt, but motivated to talk it out and clear the air. Our tendency toward drama is highlighted with the Leo Moon.

Wednesday, May 19 – First Quarter Phase Moon in Leo  – Moon enters Virgo 10:59 am
The Leo Moon squares the Taurus Sun, and we have an opportunity to find solutions to problems, but it is gonna take a little work. It’s feeling super critical—something must be done! But what?
What were your intentions at the New Moon in Taurus? How can you get back on track? When the moon enters Virgo this morning, it might be hard to see the bigger picture. With a Venus trine to Saturn, we could find some stability by talking to a good friend.

Thursday, May 20 – Sun enters Gemini at 8:09 am – Moon in Virgo
Happy Birthday Gemini!! (listen here to learn more about Gemini). With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Virgo, we are under a strong Mercurial influence. During the lunch hour, we may be struggling with all the choices, finding fault in all of them. Everything starts to synthesize with a nice lunar connection to Mars later in the afternoon. We just need some time to let it all sink in before taking action.

Friday, May 21 – Moon in Virgo – Moon enters Libra at 3:36 pm
Our dreams last night might have wreaked of frustration, as we are still trying to solve a few problems. Our mind and our emotions could be at odds this morning Moon-Mercury square, and we are feeling pretty foggy (Moon opposing Neptune). Everything seems over the top with the Sun’s square to Jupiter.

The day might be better suited to daydreaming, rather than trying to take action. Sometimes the
problems are bigger than our ability to solve them. By mid-afternoon, the Moon moves into social Libra, and we are ready for a break. Maybe a little social time, artistic endeavor, or a stroll through your favorite beauty supply store is on order, preferably with a friend or two. We need some peace, serenity, and balance after the past few days.

Saturday, May 22 – Moon in Libra
When the Libra moon opposes Chiron in Aries just before lunch, it could be time to stop people-pleasing and tend your own healing and need for inner peace. Libra is seeking balance in relationships and often takes a submissive, people-pleasing role to avoid confrontation. The problem is the tendency to shoot from behind the curtain in a passive-aggressive attempt to get back at others for their lack of cooperation and commitment to equal give and take.
With a Mercury square to Neptune, it’s hard to concentrate or keep our thinking clear. Maybe it’s time for a little healthy escape into your favorite movie, music, or creative project. Sometimes allowing ourselves to get lost in a daydream for a while helps to create space for our subconscious to work everything out.

Sunday, May 23 – Moon in Libra – Saturn station retrograde at 13 degrees and 31 minutes of Aquarius around midnight Moon enters Scorpio at 5:00 pm

The ringed planet will retrograde for nearly five months, as we are called to learn more patience,
perseverance, and discipline, possibly due to delays, red tape, or a need to revise our plans. This
eventually leads to the development of self-mastery, achieved through integrity, and wisdom.
When Saturn is retrograde, it gives us a chance to slow down (whether we want to or not), catch our breath and focus on tying up loose ends in our current plans and projects. Obstacles, limitations, and challenges force us to leave no stone unturned as we continue climbing the mountain. Instant gratification is hard to come by, so might as well roll up your sleeves and prepare to work through the challenges.

As the day moves on, our first challenge might involve conflicting agendas with others. And when the Moon enters Scorpio, tuning into the power of our own truth tends to dominate over “making nice.” Cooperation and compromise could prove challenging.

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