Astrological Highlights by Ora’lea Starr: Monday March 29 thru Sunday April 4, 2021 

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Aloha Magicians!

It’s a relatively quiet week in the cosmos!

The main highlights are Mercury conjunct Neptune on Monday; Venus sextile Saturn on Tuesday; Sun sextile Saturn on Wednesday; and Mercury enters Aries on Saturday.

Luna rides the wave of yesterday Full Moon in social, aesthetic Libra until it enters deep, passionate Scorpio at 7:33 pm Hawaiian Standard Time (HST). We emerge from the emotional intensity of the Scorpion when the moon takes flight into optimistic Sagittarius on Wednesday at 8:00 pm HST, lifting our spirits and inspiring our destiny.

Plans come together with an alliance between the Sun in Aries and disciplined Saturn in Aquarius on Wednesday. Things are falling into place this week, and magic is all around us.

An all-day Sagittarius moon on Friday bumps into several planets throughout the day. We may feel jerked around, but it’s good to remember that we are not merely puppets dangling on the ends of the strings of the planetary movements. We can also be the captains of our own ship. Still yet, it’s a good reminder to be flexible. Be patient. Meditate. Your Spirit guides will keep you on the path to your highest good. Have faith. Trust in the Universe.

Mercury explodes into Aries on Saturday, ramming horns with a stoic Capricorn moon. It may be a Saturday, but it’s likely to involve some business. We still have plenty of work to do. Responsibilities to family and work may take center stage, ensuring our reputation remains intact, with special emphasis on duties, obligations, and staying in integrity. Might be nice to carve out a little alone time if you can.

For those of you who celebrate Easter, it might fare you well to save your family plans for a little later in the afternoon, as the morning presents a challenging aspect between our need to fulfill our obligations to others, and our equal need to be free to do our own thing. Thanks to a sweet connection with compassionate Neptune later in the day, we feel much better about serving others and being part of something bigger than ourselves.

All in all, I would say it is a promising week. Things could be falling into place, and our hard work, sweat, and toil is finally beginning to pay off.

Stay with it everyone. Steady as she goes. There’s a lot of magic in the air, so be on the lookout for synchronicities and good fortune. Keep the faith and dare to dream!

Until next week, may the stars and spirit be with you…


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