It’s all systems go, with all planets going direct for the next few months. Learn more in my March 1-7, 2021 astrology report.

Watch the video and read the report below:

Aloha Visionaries,

Early in the week, feelings are running deep, and we may be a little vulnerable and raw; emotional and sensitive. With the Sun still in dreamy Pisces, we may be tempted to escape somehow, but the only way out of our feelings and emotions is to go through them. Ultimately, there is no escaping. The willingness to be present with intense feelings could lead to personal transformation and a sense of self-empowerment. Being kind and gentle to yourself and others can go a long way.

As we move through the week, the Pisces Sun is inspiring our visions and strengthening our connection to the higher octaves of love, compassion, and universal awareness through the realm of dreams, imagination, and divine love. Dissolving the boundaries between ego and soul; consciousness and unconsciousness, the Fishes are swimming into the ethereal realm of oneness and spirit vision.

On Wednesday, Mars leaves earthy Taurus and enters curious Gemini for the next few months, and we are motivated to learn new things, share interesting ideas, and voice our passions. We are ready for new information. It is time to take action.

We are still under the influence of the Saturn / Uranus square. Ultimately, we are working for freedom, however each of us defines it. With patience, perseverance, and planning, we have an opportunity to gain wisdom and achieve our goals. Remember, if you don’t eat your vegetables, you can’t have any pudding.

The waning lunar quarter phase begins on Thursday, and it’s time to wrap things up and clear our slates in preparation for new beginnings with the New Moon on March 13. Big ideas and easy conversations can lead to more breakthroughs for the near future. We got this!

Until next week, may the stars and spirit be with you…


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