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Monday, April 26 – Moon in Libra – Moon enters Scorpio at 6:18 am
Full Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio at 5:31 pm
The Libra Moon is being challenged by Pluto. We are tired of compromise! It is time to be honest about our feelings. When Luna trines Jupiter, anything is possible long as we keep the faith. And when Mercury and Venus in Taurus sextile Pallas Athene in Pisces, we are empowered to soften our edges, smoothing out any ruffled feathers.

All of this is taking place under a pregnant Moon ready to burst into Scorpio, revealing powerful truths and intense emotions simmering just below the surface and ready to explode with the Full Moon at 7 degrees of Scorpio. (Listen to this week’s Cosmic Weather Report above to hear more about the Full Moon in Scorpio).

Tuesday, April 27 – Moon in Scorpio – Pluto stations retrograde Lots of intensity today when the Scorpio Moon opposes Venus and Mercury, seeking a balance between unconscious needs and our conscious values. And when Mars enters the mix, we could be feeling a bit defensive and hot under the collar.

Brooding, obsessing, and possessiveness are the shadow side of Scorpionic energy, along with a tendency toward jealousy, manipulation, and coercion. Fixed and stagnant emotions can be transformed and rebirthed by letting go of patterned behaviors that keep us imprisoned in the dark recesses of our own psyche.

Pluto (the ruling planet of Scorpio) stations retrograde at 26 degrees, 48 minutes of Capricorn, intensifying our drive to initiate something with long-lasting significance through a last-ditch power play. (Listen to this week’s Cosmic Weather Report to hear more about the Pluto Retrograde). Hopefully, when the Moon trines Neptune later this evening, we can relax, escape, imagine, and dream.

Wednesday, April 28 – Moon in Sagittarius 5:43 am – It is a relatively light day in the cosmos, and we can sure use it! Under an inspired Sagittarius Moon, we are feeling philosophical as we search for truth and meaning in our lives. As we set our sights on new horizons, we might also need to make a few minor adjustments to the way we express our anger thanks to a Moon-Mars quincunx. How can we reconcile differences between ego desires and our underlying emotional needs? Marshall Rosenberg, founder of a technique called Non-Violent Communication (NVC), might say that our anger really comes from unmet emotional needs. Getting stuck or lost in our feelings and emotions sometimes means that we miss out on what we really need to be at peace.

Thursday, April 29 – Moon in Sagittarius
Lots of contrasting energies today under an optimistic Sag Moon. Sometimes it seems rather cumbersome writing about so many conflicting energies conspiring in the cosmos. Today is one of those days where we can be reminded that although we face many challenges, we are continually growing and changing—letting go of the old patterns that no longer serve us, as we regenerate into new and better versions ourselves.

Friday, April 30 – Moon in Capricorn 6:15 am
It is the last day of April, and the path is unpredictable when the Sun and Uranus conjoin in Taurus invoking sudden epiphanies, a change of direction, and possible new circumstances related to our basic security, stability, resources, and maybe even our finances. Things can get pretty heated for a while, when the Capricorn Moon opposes Mars in Cancer, challenging our emotions and sense of safety. We can get angry about our circumstances, or we can get motivated to change. The choice is ours.

Saturday, May 1 – Moon in Capricorn
The stoic Capricorn Moon helps us sort out a mid-morning Mercury-Chiron semi-square that stirs up insecurity about expressing ourselves, due to fear of being rejected, or due to feelings of not being good enough. If we can focus on our natural gifts and talents, we can rise above adversity to heal some old hurts and mend a few broken bridges. Later in the day, the Moon finds solace in trine to Venus and sextile to dreamy Neptune, tuning us into Divine Love. We find beauty, peace, and balance knowing that we are all in this crazy world together. Just before midnight, a Mercury-Pluto trine brings us back to earth, as we reclaim our power, speaking passionately about our personal truths.

Sunday, May 2 – Moon in Capricorn – Moon enters Aquarius at 9:31 am
Best to get up early and finish up any important business before the Moon shifts into freedom-loving Aquarius. After all—it’s the weekend, and we are ready to break away from rules and restrictions and spend some time socializing with friends. A sweet Venus-Neptune sextile has us wearing a lovely pair of rose-colored glasses, and everything looks so beautiful! Might as well enjoy it while you can! Tomorrow brings a hard dose of reality, and we might start to feel it before we go to bed tonight. Enjoy the day—worry about tomorrow – tomorrow!!  It’s Sunday!

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