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Astrological Highlights for Monday, April 19, 2021
Moon in Cancer
Moon Enters Leo 8:10 pm
First Quarter Lunar Phase
Sun and Mercury enter Taurus
The Sun enters Taurus today, and we are learning to slow down and smell the roses. The spiritual
principle of Taurus is to master the art presence through a sense of belonging to Nature. As the Aries
Warrior rides off into the sunset, Taurus the bull is ready to relax, eat a good meal, get a massage, listen
to some great music, and gather a few resources to build solid structures and situations that can stand
the test of time. Listen to more about Taurus here.
When Mercury enters Taurus for the next month, our minds slow down, too. We need more time to
make decisions and chew on a few ideas. We are looking for solid outcomes that can stand the test of

The sensitive Cancer Moon opposes Pluto midafternoon, possibly sparking arguments that affect the
rest of the day. Luna enters Leo at 8:10 pm, then squares the Sun an hour later to mark the First Quarter
Lunar Phase. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on any issues that stand in the way of our
intentions during the New Moon in Aries last week.

Tuesday, April 20
Moon in Leo
The first Jupiter /Pluto semi-sextile empowers us to come to terms with the profound changes that have
transpired since the 2020 pandemic. Jupiter teaches us to have faith, as we learn to integrate a better
sense of social awareness moving into the future. Pluto teaches us to go deep, meet with our inner
demons, discover our truth, let go of the old, embrace change, and be reborn.
Under the influence of the Leo moon, creativity is close at hand. Leo is fixed fire providing others with a
warm and everlasting glow. As you come to terms with the changes in your life, don’t forget to tune into
the needs of your inner child today. Have fun. Never mind all the chaos and discord as Luna squabbles
back and forth with Venus, Uranus, and Saturn.
With the Sun and Mercury now in Taurus, maybe we can find some grounding out in Nature, where we
can fully embrace the beauty of the present moment.

Wednesday, April 21
Moon in Leo
Venus’ opinionated scuffle with Juno today triggers possible arguments over differing belief systems and
potential commitment issues. The Leo Moon could add fuel to the flames if all we think about is our own
needs. Luckily, a sweet Venus-Jupiter quintile provides synchronistic opportunities to take a few risks in
love (and finances). Growth in our relationships comes with the freedom to live according to a set of
personal values and principles. If our current relationships do not fit in with that value system, Jupiter
may find a way to expand us out of them. Either way, freedom is the key.

Thursday, April 22
Moon in Virgo
We are on a practical course of action today with the Virgo Moon. Time to tidy up and attend to the
small details of daily living, work, health, and service. But we can also expect the unexpected thanks to a
fusion between Venus (love, money, values) and Uranus (sudden change, surprises, breakthroughs). This
could be exciting or upsetting. A new love affair that starts today could be exciting, but also unstable
with possible lack of commitment. And with a tussle between cerebral Mercury and ethereal Neptune,
our thinking could be a little cloudy, or even confused. We might find a way to break out of the mold
when the Virgo Moon trines Mercury and Uranus tonight, providing sudden flashes of insight, genius,
and practical know how to make things happen.

Friday, April 23
Moon in Virgo
Mars enters Cancer while we sleep, and we feel motivated by our security needs. Our desire for safety,
acceptance, unconditional love, and nurturing is strong. Emotional sensitivity, withdrawal, and
defensiveness can take over if we are feeling rejected or abandoned by family or loved ones. It is easy to
take things personally, but maybe the humble Virgo Moon can help us find our grounding as we tackle
our daily chores, tend to the details of daily living, and find a way to be of service to someone in need.
Mercury and Uranus are also teaming up in Taurus to provide us with fresh ideas, heightened intuition,
and possible new resources to help us build a solid future. Keep a pen and paper handy, as ideas may
come and go rather quickly.

Saturday, April 24
Moon in Libra
We are feeling successful this morning thanks to a trine between the Moon and Pluto that happened as
we slept. And now we may need to make a few adjustments, taking heed not to overestimate our
capabilities with a quincunx to Jupiter.
It is an all-day Libra moon. Libra is the archetype of the diplomat, peacemaker, and artist, but when Luna
squares Mars this morning, it can rouse our anger and aggression in relationships. Venus also squabbles
with Saturn, and we could be feeling cool and detached from loves ones. The current challenge is to
reach new levels of growth and commitment in our relationships through cooperation, compromise, and
assertive (not aggressive) communication of our feelings.

Sunday, April 25
Moon in Libra
The art of compromise wins the day when Mercury in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, and
communications with others become a challenge. Everyone seems stuck and fixed in their own patterns
of thought and assessment of reality. The Libra Moon finally connects with Mercury and Venus to help
us make adjustments with a few kind words and a spirit of congeniality. Issues may be solved with

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