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Thursday, April 15 – Moon in Gemini – The Moon flew into verbal and curious Gemini late last night, and we awaken to conversations, phone calls, and questions as soon as we wake. It’s also the beginning of the waxing crescent phase of the lunar cycle, when we feel excited and empowered to start taking steps to realize the potential of the New Moon in Aries last Sunday. When the Aries Sun connects with Jupiter in Aquarius this morning, we receive a desperately needed spark of optimism and hope, as well as a reminder to have faith in the future no matter what our current circumstances may be.

Friday, April 16 –  Moon in Gemini
We start the day off with a challenging energy pattern when strong-willed Sun in Aries  conflicts with unyielding Pluto in Capricorn, creating a possible battle of wills, where someone may be attempting to dominate a person or a situation through aggressive acts, manipulation, or some other form of naked power play.

A quintile between cerebral Mercury and realistic Saturn allows us to think outside the  box and find an inventive way to deal with the situation. Slow down a bit, breathe, allow the feeling of frustration to ground itself through patience and perseverance.  A little bit of discipline combined with inventive ideas could set us free. With the Moon in Gemini, we may of two minds, and it could be challenging to stop the chattering monkeys in our brains. Keep your words clean and avoid the temptation to gossip. Watch out for delusional thinking this evening, and if you feel the need to escape, try to do so in a healthy way without the use of toxic substances.

Saturday, April 17 – Moon in Gemini/Cancer
The Moon in Gemini is very energetic and active this morning, connecting with four planets in a handful of hours. We are enlivened by Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars all before lunch inspiring positive ideas and encouraging conversations, networking, and social activity.  After lunch, Luna settles into her home sign of Cancer, and we may start to feel the need to slow down the pace. And when Mercury conflicts with Pluto, communications with others could take on a ruthless tone. Words can be like black magic when we are ruthlessly seeking to dominate others, or we may be the ones being dominated. It might be nice not to make assumptions or take things personally. And do your best not to take the bait! Bite your tongue!We wrap up the day with a sweet Moon / Venus connection. Feel the love and acceptance that your close circle of family and friends can offer. If you find yourself alone and feeling vulnerable, treat yourself with loving kindness. Easy does it.

Sunday, April 18 – Moon in Cancer –
Luna is feeling comfortable and domestic in her home sign of Cancer, and we might feel like doing things around the house, like tending to the garden, making some nice food, and spending time with loved ones. After a stimulating week, being at home can provide a sense of safety, security, and grounding. When the Sun and Mercury meet up later in the day, we could feel a little chatty. But it’s been a long, active week. Take care of yourself and your deepest needs.  And if you’re tired, it’s okay to just go to bed early if you feel like it.


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