Cosmic Weather Report – March 28-April 4, 2021

Astrological Highlights by Ora’lea Starr: Monday March 29 thru Sunday April 4, 2021 

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Aloha Magicians!

It’s a relatively quiet week in the cosmos!

The main highlights are Mercury conjunct Neptune on Monday; Venus sextile Saturn on Tuesday; Sun sextile Saturn on Wednesday; and Mercury enters Aries on Saturday.

Luna rides the wave of yesterday Full Moon in social, aesthetic Libra until it enters deep, passionate Scorpio at 7:33 pm Hawaiian Standard Time (HST). We emerge from the emotional intensity of the Scorpion when the moon takes flight into optimistic Sagittarius on Wednesday at 8:00 pm HST, lifting our spirits and inspiring our destiny.

Plans come together with an alliance between the Sun in Aries and disciplined Saturn in Aquarius on Wednesday. Things are falling into place this week, and magic is all around us.

An all-day Sagittarius moon on Friday bumps into several planets throughout the day. We may feel jerked around, but it’s good to remember that we are not merely puppets dangling on the ends of the strings of the planetary movements. We can also be the captains of our own ship. Still yet, it’s a good reminder to be flexible. Be patient. Meditate. Your Spirit guides will keep you on the path to your highest good. Have faith. Trust in the Universe.

Mercury explodes into Aries on Saturday, ramming horns with a stoic Capricorn moon. It may be a Saturday, but it’s likely to involve some business. We still have plenty of work to do. Responsibilities to family and work may take center stage, ensuring our reputation remains intact, with special emphasis on duties, obligations, and staying in integrity. Might be nice to carve out a little alone time if you can.

For those of you who celebrate Easter, it might fare you well to save your family plans for a little later in the afternoon, as the morning presents a challenging aspect between our need to fulfill our obligations to others, and our equal need to be free to do our own thing. Thanks to a sweet connection with compassionate Neptune later in the day, we feel much better about serving others and being part of something bigger than ourselves.

All in all, I would say it is a promising week. Things could be falling into place, and our hard work, sweat, and toil is finally beginning to pay off.

Stay with it everyone. Steady as she goes. There’s a lot of magic in the air, so be on the lookout for synchronicities and good fortune. Keep the faith and dare to dream!

Until next week, may the stars and spirit be with you…


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Cosmic Weather Report – March 21-March 28, 2021

Cosmic Weather Report – March 21-March 28, 2021


Ora’lea Starr and Ben Holtz combine western and eastern astrology forecasts.

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Part I: Ora’lea details the energy of the week and how the moon will affect our lives.

Part II: Ora’lea and Ben Holtz compare astrology of the week in both western astrology and Chinese astrology.

Cosmic Weather Report – March 14-21, 2021

Want to know what’s in the stars this week? Check out your free astrology report for the week. Read below or watch the video. This week’s video also feature’s Janet Baldwin of Maui Healing Retreat.

Astrological Highlights by Ora’lea Starr:  – Monday, March 15 thru Sunday, March 21 

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Aloha Warriors,
It’s a busy week in the cosmos! Mercury enters Pisces on Monday; Sun enters Aries for the Spring Equinox and National Astrology Day on Saturday; Venus enters fiery Aries on Sunday.

Let’s begin with Mercury, the Winged Messenger. This cerebral planet represents the human mind—our thinking, ideas, and the way we communicate. Pisces is the archetype of the poet, the mystic, and the dreamer. Feelings, dreams, and fantasies are more important than cold, hard data when Mercury swims into imaginative, intuitive Pisces.

Extrasensory perception (ESP) is heightened, and your mind may be preoccupied with daydreaming, watching the clouds pass through the sky, and marveling at the beautiful colors in the sunset. Our conscious mind aligns with the angelic realm, and linear thought dissolves into a collective sea of visions, synchronicities, and meetings with angels, fairies, and spirit beings. Non-verbal communication, telepathy, and meetings with otherworldly ideas through psychic sensations are strong with Mercury in fluid Pisces.

Here in this ethereal realm, it is harder to focus on the daily mundane tasks of daily living. At times, things might even seem a little confusing. There is a thin line between reality and confusion. You may find yourself losing your objectivity and ability to concentrate, feeling more life drifting off into another world, another dimension—a realm where we can communicate with the plant, animal, and spirit world—where ego dissolves into soul, and the line between consciousness and unconsciousness becomes blurred. This energy is fantastic for writers, artists, and poets, as creative inspiration is flowing all around us.

Happy Birthday, Aries
On Saturday, the Sun enters Aries at the Spring Equinox. Happy birthday Aries! Welcome Spring! Happy Astrological New Year! Just like the newborn shoots of the tiny seeds breaking through the hardened soil of Winter, Aries is seeking the light and initiating new cycles. Like an exploding fountain of flames—the bold, fiery, and courageous Warrior is breaking new ground and seeking new territory. Aries is energetic, motivated, and headstrong.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. With Mars in Gemini, impulsive Aries might do well to remember that there is more than one way to get things done. Curious Gemini seeks variety, new information, and new ideas. So rather than “my way or the highway” impulsive Sun-in-Aries-style action, you might do well to tune into Mars’ alliance with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius for some innovative planning and out-of-the-box ideas to avoid power struggles with those who have their own ideas and their own path, that might not be the same as yours.

It’s good to remember that we’re all in this crazy world together, so we’ve gotta take care of each other, the plants, the animals, and Mother Earth.

Until next week, may the stars and spirit be with you…



Cosmic Weather Report – March 8-14, 2021

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Aloha Dreamers,

There is a serious tone to the start of the week with an all-day Capricorn Moon on Monday. It’s a good time to wrap up a few projects, make some phone calls, and take care of any unfinished business.

We continue to be challenged this week by the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, especially on Tuesday, when the Aquarius Moon meets up with Saturn, getting things started. This tense energy has been pressuring us for the past few weeks and will be with us for most of 2021. Be sure to tune into this week’s astrological insights to hear more…

The Sun joins dreamy Neptune on Wednesday. Neptune represents the part of us that longs to engage the higher octaves of love, compassion, and oneness—dissolving the boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness: ego and soul.

As we dive into the ethereal, mystical experience of the planet of dreams and illusions, the urge to escape may be strong, as we long to transcend earthly suffering and seek redemption. Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces – the Fishes. The two fish represent our choice to elevate into the imaginative realm of poetry, music, dance, art, and spiritual vision – or sink into the toxic waters of addictions, drugs, alcohol, jails, institutions, and self-undoing. This is creative, mystical energy. Allow yourself to dream, fantasize, and visualize your best life.

The New Moon in imaginative Pisces on Saturday is enhanced by an enchanting and romantic interlude between Venus and Neptune in Pisces later in the evening. Like gentle waves lapping sandy shores, Neptune’s oceanic presence is merging with the Sun, Moon, and Venus, infusing this week’s New moon with a magical, mystical, otherworldly quality. How big can you dream? If you can imagine it, you can make it real!

Luna enters Aries later on Sunday after a short void of course moon. Aries Warrior is rushing forth like an exploding fountain of flames, with a burning impulse to take direct action toward strong, impulsive desires. To add more fuel to the fire—all planets are still direct! Things are heating up! It’s time to seize the moment, put the medal to the metal, and move forward fearlessly. We got this!!

Until next week, may the stars and spirit be with you…


Cosmic Weather Report – March 1, 2021

It’s all systems go, with all planets going direct for the next few months. Learn more in my March 1-7, 2021 astrology report.

Watch the video and read the report below:

Aloha Visionaries,

Early in the week, feelings are running deep, and we may be a little vulnerable and raw; emotional and sensitive. With the Sun still in dreamy Pisces, we may be tempted to escape somehow, but the only way out of our feelings and emotions is to go through them. Ultimately, there is no escaping. The willingness to be present with intense feelings could lead to personal transformation and a sense of self-empowerment. Being kind and gentle to yourself and others can go a long way.

As we move through the week, the Pisces Sun is inspiring our visions and strengthening our connection to the higher octaves of love, compassion, and universal awareness through the realm of dreams, imagination, and divine love. Dissolving the boundaries between ego and soul; consciousness and unconsciousness, the Fishes are swimming into the ethereal realm of oneness and spirit vision.

On Wednesday, Mars leaves earthy Taurus and enters curious Gemini for the next few months, and we are motivated to learn new things, share interesting ideas, and voice our passions. We are ready for new information. It is time to take action.

We are still under the influence of the Saturn / Uranus square. Ultimately, we are working for freedom, however each of us defines it. With patience, perseverance, and planning, we have an opportunity to gain wisdom and achieve our goals. Remember, if you don’t eat your vegetables, you can’t have any pudding.

The waning lunar quarter phase begins on Thursday, and it’s time to wrap things up and clear our slates in preparation for new beginnings with the New Moon on March 13. Big ideas and easy conversations can lead to more breakthroughs for the near future. We got this!

Until next week, may the stars and spirit be with you…


Weekly Cosmic Weather Report – Week of Feb. 22, 2021

Ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius Saturn and Uranus in Taurus move us to take care of business this week 

Watch the video and read the summary below

Aloha People!

The highlights of this week’s cosmic weather include the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The pressure is still on. We are required to take care of business, while also keeping our sights set on the future. This is only the beginning of the story, and the opening plot is being revealed! This energy is with us through the end of 2021, so make the most of it!

Mars and Pluto are teaming up in an alliance on Wednesday. When we align our human will (Mars) with Divine Will (Pluto), we find ourselves on the path of our highest good and in alignment with our soul desires. This is grounded, earthy energy leading to big time manifestation!Venus leaves friendly Aquarius and swims into Pisces on Thursday. Venus in the sign of the mystic, poet, and dreamer is looking for soul connection. Everything looks good through rose-colored glasses, just make sure your prince is really a prince, and not just a frog full of warts. Remember to take a time out and keep a few boundaries in place.

The Full Moon on Saturday happens at 9 degrees Virgo.  Opposite the Sun in imaginative Pisces, we are bringing our visions down to earth. Pisces is ethereal, spiritual energy and wants to escape into a world of dreams. Virgo is earth bound and tuned into the mundane tasks of daily living. Both are about sacrifice and service. Taken together, this Full Moon is bringing our visions down to earth. Saturn inconjunct Aquarius joins the full moon party, requiring us to make a few adjustments and tend to our responsibilities, duties, and obligations. We reach our goals with patience, perseverance, and planning. Our reward is achievement and success, along with wisdom, maturity, and self-mastery.

Until next week, may the stars and spirit be with you…


Weekly Cosmic Weather Report – Week of Feb. 15, 2021

The Sun Moves Into Imaginative Pisces; Saturn Square May Create Sudden Surprises; Venus/Mars Square Presents Challenges

Watch the video and/or read the summary below. 

The sun swims into Pisces on Thursday. The Neptunian-ruled Fishes are evolving emotion through deep attunement to the inner realm of feelings, dreams, and imagination. Possessing an innate understanding of the circle of life, where there are no beginnings and no endings – only changes – Pisces is imaginative, compassionate, poetic, empathic, gentle, intuitive, mystical, and enchanting. When acting out its shadow, the Fishes can be spacey, vague, deluded, passive-aggressive, escapist, martyr-like, addicted, and confused.

The sun moving into Pisces may help us to get out of our heads and go with the flow, but if we float down the dark path – we can become disillusioned, disappointed, and feel the urge to escape life. So instead, why not focus on our dreams and visions, maybe through meditation, dance, or through the development of a spiritual practice. Maybe we can tune into how we treat each other, and how we can take care of each other. It’s a time to ask, “How can I embody divine love?”

And don’t forget, we can help others, but sometimes we need to “put on our own oxygen mask first.”  Ultimately, everyone is responsible for their healing and their own work.

Wednesday marks the official first pass of Saturn (n Aquarius) square Uranus (in Taurus). This theme will be with us for the rest of 2021. During the initial phase of the square, we may be feeling torn between our urge for freedom and our need to tend to the responsibilities at hand. As such, we could be feeling blocked, halted, and frustrated by seemingly insurmountable limitations, restrictions,and obstacles that appear to be standing in the way of our hopes, wishes, and goals for our future. Saturn, the stern task-master, is challenging us to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work to manifest our visions into reality. But first, we have to solve a few problems. Be ready for some breakdowns, which can ultimately lead to some liberating breakthroughs. Uranus, the Great Awakener, gives us an opportunity to break free from the status quo to embrace a more authentic way of living our lives; however, the energy can sometimes be a bit jolting, so be prepared.

During the next few weeks, there are likely to be some sudden surprises and events both collectively and personally. Be ready! For example, there could be a possible correction in the stock market, another revolt in the government, or more backlash from Mother Nature (as she also seeks her own kind of freedom from the oppression us humans are forcing upon her.) The energy is ripe, and the possibilities are endless, so be ready for anything! Just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Hope for happy surprises.

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