Cosmic Weather Report Week of June 21 – June 27, 2021

Language of the Soul Astrology
Astrological Highlights for the Week:

Mercury stations direct on Tuesday; Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday; Neptune retrograde on Friday; and Venus enters Leo on Saturday

Monday, June 21 – Moon in Scorpio
Scorpio Moons can be times when we naturally find the courage to face our inner demons. Probing into the depths of our own psyche, we are seeking understanding and acceptance of the behaviors and patterns we have constructed throughout a lifetime, many of which began in early childhood at a time when we were most vulnerable and unable to protect ourselves.

For a few hours today, the Scorpio Moon will form a Grand Water Trine with Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, inviting us to go deeper into the emotional aspects of our being. Reaching beyond our grief, pain, and suffering—we find acceptance in the things that we cannot change. As the Moon continues its introspective journey, it will connect with Pluto (ruler of Scorpio). Like Batman carrying a lighted torch into a deep, dark cave full of Bats, we find the courage to face our fears and rediscover our inner truth. Self-compassion and unconditional love are the magic elixirs we have been searching for.

And as we drink from the cup of radical acceptance, we are transformed. Having renewed our personal power, we can once again find realign ourselves onto the authentic path of our Soul’s ultimate journey. It is also the last day of Mercury Retrograde. This would be a great day to journal all that we have learned in the last three weeks.

Tuesday, June 22 – Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius (5:55 am) – Mercury Station Direct at 3:00 pm

As the Scorpio Moon hands the baton over to optimistic, inspired Sagittarius early this morning, we continue our quest for truth. Rising from the Scorpionic depths and now transformed, we seek truth through the discovery (or re-discovery) of Faith. Is there something more? Is there anything we missed? Travel, study, and anything that takes us on an adventure to find more meaning in life is the lofty goal of The Archer. How can you expand beyond your perceived boundaries? How do you seek growth?

This afternoon, Mercury station direct. The retrograde motion is officially over. It won’t be until July 7tth before Mercury gets back to the place it was when it first started moving backward. This “post shadow” period is an excellent time to incorporate the insights we have gained over the past three weeks. Any miscommunications, breakdowns, or breakthroughs are now ripe for action. Just remember that it can take a few days (or a few weeks) for everything to recalibrate.

Wednesday, June 23 – Moon in Sagittarius

As we continue to discover our own truths, we could be eager to share them with others, but then the Sag Moon opposes Mercury in Gemini, we could have a little trouble finding our balance. Similar to a toddler taking the first steps, we may need to grab onto something to keep ourselves steady. With the Moon in Sag, we are likely to cling to our belief systems, especially our religious or philosophical beliefs. Not everyone will be on the same page though, so keeping an open mind can go a long way. When we try to cram our beliefs down someone else’s throat, we can usually expect to be choked.

When Venus opposes Pluto this afternoon, our refusal to conform to someone else’s belief system could be seen as a betrayal. The desire to seek control through manipulation can really be seen as a need to feel connected, satisfied, and content, but finding solutions can be confusing tonight when the Moon squares Neptune. We are being challenged to find our center and seek solace in our own system of faith. As the energy continues to build leading up to tomorrow’s Full Moon, it would serve us well to turn our attention away from the bottom-feeding energies that today might bring, and instead look toward the heavens and focus our mind and emotions on the manifestation of our ideal life. Be inspired. It might also be a good time to practice some non-violent communication skills, draw a few boundaries, and seek some alone time.

Thursday, June 24  – Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn (6:05 am) – Full Moon at 3º Capricorn 11:40 am

The Moon enters stoic Capricorn early this morning, as she meets up with Jupiter in Pisces for a little faith and inspiration on her way to oppose the Sun in Cancer creating a Full Moon at 3 degrees of Capricorn. Self-reliance, responsibility, and commitment are highlights of this stable, earthy Moon. For those of you who follow the lunar cycles, try to recall the intentions you set 6 months ago when the New Moon was in Capricorn. In your own birth chart, what house cusp is ruled by the Capricorn? How about Cancer? Full Moons are a time of culmination, bringing two opposing signs (and houses) into balance. And, in this case, the patriarchal, managerial, authoritarian energies of The Goat are being balanced by the matriarchal, nurturing, intuitive energies of The Crab. The Full Moon always asked if we are satisfied. And if not, why not? How can you better balance the stoic energies of Capricorn with the more nurturing energies of Cancer?

Friday, June 25 – Moon in Capricorn – Neptune goes retrograde 12:21 pm

On the other side of the Full Moon (still in responsible Capricorn), Neptune begins its annual retrograde movement, revisiting old ground until it moves direct once again on December 1. Ethereal Neptune in its home sign of Pisces (until July 28th , when it retrogrades back into Aquarius) is highly sensitive, intuitive, imaginative, and creative. As we feel ourselves being pulled inward into a world of dreams, we are somehow more aware of our visions and hopes, but also our fears. Luna, in the sign of the Wise Elder can help to keep it all in perspective, maybe even make a few plans. For now, it might be nice to drift a little, like a leaf floating down a meandering river. And if you’re into dream analysis, this is a perfect time to dust off your dream journal and start recording the sometimes cryptic, subliminal messages from your subconscious. Inside the deep ocean of your own mind, you may be lucky enough to discover a treasure chest full of gems. What makes you happy? What leads to a sense of emotional fulfillment? Are you there? If not, you could try asking yourself what you need to be happy before you drift off into sleep. Maybe the answer will come to you in a dream.


Cosmic Weather Report Week of June 7 – June 13, 2021

Language of the Soul Astrology

Astrological Highlights for the Week:

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on Thursday; Mars enters Leo on Friday; Venus sextiles Uranus on Saturday; and the Sun squares Neptune on Sunday

Monday, June 7 – Moon in Taurus
We are days away from the end of the Lunar cycle with an upcoming New Moon on Thursday. This is prime time to sort through your closets, garage, dresser, and nightstands (even your car!) and decide if there are a few things you can part with. Do they hold any financial value? Sentimental value? Or are they just taking up space? During this Mercury Retrograde phase (and all these planets in Gemini), there is a lot of thinking going on. Thinking about the past, looking forward to the future, and connecting all the dots between where we were yesterday and where we will be tomorrow. At some point, however, all “thought” and “no action” leads to nothing but magical thinking.

We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it. Sometimes ‘things’ are not the only ‘thing’ taking up space. What about rigid belief patterns that no longer serve us? What about denial? What about addictions? What about anger, judgment, or potential issues with self-worth or self-esteem? What about toxic people and situations in our lives? As Mercury continues to call a review of the past and how it applies to the present and the future, perhaps we will draw up a new plan, and remove a few ‘dots’ along the bridge to a better future. How can you give yourself the cleanest possible path? How can you be in integrity not only to others, but also to yourself and to the manifestation of your hopes, goals, and wishes.

Tonight, a sweet, but brief Lunar connection to Neptune helps us see the beauty in the people and world around us. This is incredible energy for creative writers, poets, artists, and musicians. But you don’t have to be any of those things to appreciate love, beauty, and the finer things in life. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 8

Moon in Taurus/Gemini

Moon Void of Course at 8:07 am and enters Gemini at 11:47 am

This morning, we are being supported to get things done by a Lunar connection to powerful Pluto and energetic Mars, however, today is the first day of many ‘Void of Course’ Lunar periods this week, so things could fizzle out earlier than expected. 

What does it mean when the Moon is Void of Course? Well, this occurs when the Moon makes its final major aspect (connection) with another planet before changing signs. A void of course moon often happens several times a week and can last anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day. I read a short post from Elite Daily (written by Elise Edwards), and she says this about the VOC Moons:

The void-of-course (VOC) moon is sort of like your iPhone’s iOS update. As your phone transitions into a new operating system, you kind of just have to do something else for a while until it comes back online. – Elise Edwards”

Following today’s VOC Moon, the new ‘operating system’ will be Gemini, and we may be more interested in talking than doing. The Twins are imbued with the ‘gift of gab,’ meaning they can talk a pretty good game. They might even be able to sell snow to an Eskimo if you get my drift…lol. Gossip is one of the potentially darker aspects the Geminian vibe, which could be precariously dangerous during a Mercury Retrograde (especially if you send and email or text to an unintended recipient by mistake!!)

In any case, the best of this energy is light, playful, and interesting. Think Peter Pan! Creativity bubbles just below the surface, and there is always something new we can learn, especially if we are willing to be social and connect with others. Get out and explore your surroundings, make a few connections, have a conversation—gather and share something curious.

Wednesday, June 9 – Moon in Gemini
We are in final preparation for the New Moon Solar Eclipse happening at 3:52 am Pacific Standard Time). Psychologically this is a time of release, as we prepare our energy field for new and interesting people and situations. Many of us have been reviewing our lives with a fine-tooth comb during this Mercury Retrograde period, and we have some idea of what and/or whom we need to release (recall that both Pluto and Saturn are also retrograde. We are really unearthing some inner dirt, meeting a few inner demons, and becoming conscious of the messes we might need to clean up, the problems we need to solve, and a plan of action to get it done).

By mid-afternoon, the Gemini Moon connects with forward thinking Saturn in Aquarius, and we are strongly encouraged to make plans and act. Recall that this is still the Balsamic Lunar phase today, so action taken is that of preparation. Action yields results! Think of action as the ‘money,’ which reminds me of the saying, “Money talks and bullsh*t walks.” I’m also reminded of another saying,” Sh*t or get off the pot!” Come on people, let’s do this thing!

During the Moon/Saturn connection, I will be with a dear friend, who mirrors by spiritual beliefs and honors the Lunar cycles. We are planning to go to the beach and bathe some new crystals (that we bought last week) in the ocean. This is part of the cleansing process. We will be preparing the stones for new energy (but not until the New Moon). And the most important part of that involves clearing the old energy. Perhaps we will write a list of things we wish to let go of. Perhaps we will start a bonfire, say a prayer, state an intention to let go of fear, behaviors, things, toxic people and situations, and then ceremoniously place our lists into the fire. Let the magic begin!

Thursday, June 10 – Moon in Gemini
New Moon Eclipse at 19 degrees, 46 minutes of Gemini – Moon Void of Course at 10:38 am
The New Moon at 19 degrees, 46 minutes of Gemini early this morning is also a Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when a portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon which fully or partially blocks the sunlight. This occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned. Many astrologers believe that eclipses are at least 10 times more powerful than regular new and full Moons.

Where does 19 degrees, 46 minutes of Gemini land in your astrological birth chart? This area of your life is ripe for new beginnings. Last week, I used an analogy of an exploding volcano to describe the intense power that can be released when we finally decide to let go of seething emotions buried and brewing below the surface of consciousness. During this New Moon, we are offered the opportunity to use that power to create new emotional landscapes that are healthy, secure, and brimming with possibility for a better future.

With Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) retrograding within 1 degree of this New Moon, we are truly releasing aspects of the past, as we change directions and set new intentions with help from a loose trine of the New Moon to Saturn in Aquarius. Today is the first day of the rest of life! What do you want to do with it? Neptune in Pisces also connects with the New Moon, which could either be confusing and destabilizing, or wildly creative and magical (maybe a bit of both?). If you’ve done your homework and are prepared, I’m betting on a little magic and a motherload of creativity!

As the day progresses, Mercury will back into perfect fusion with the Sun in Gemini, delivering intuitive messages about the past, present, and future. Maybe you want to keep a pen and paper nearby. This is divine intervention from the spirit of Hermes, the Winged Messenger and an opportunity to collaborate with a power greater than yourself, one who can intuitively fill in missing gaps and pieces to the puzzle of your life, creating a beautiful masterpiece for you to behold.

Friday, June 11 – Moon in Gemini/Cancer – Mars enters Leo 6:34 am – Void of Course Moon enters Cancer at 12:23 am
The Moon slipped into her home sign of Cancer in the middle of the night. With an early morning connection to Jupiter in Pisces, we are encouraged to be nurturing, kind, loving, and compassionate—not only with others, but also with ourselves. Feeling and emotions are strong. It’s the day after the powerful Solar Eclipse, and a little bit of nurturing can go a long way. Cancer is protective of family (and this does not always mean blood relatives, as it includes anyone you consider to be part of your ‘clan’). The past few days (or few weeks) have potentially been very inward and secluded. Today could be a good day to reconnect with those you consider most important. Let them know how much you love them, reminding them that you are still there and that your love for them remains strong.

And just to be sure you take care of your own needs as well, Mars in Leo arrives like a knight in shining armor to the rescue! During the last six weeks, Mars in Cancer kept us tied to home, work, and family responsibilities. Anytime we tried to put our own oxygen mask on first, we may have been shunned as being irresponsible or made to feel guilty, either by others or by our own harsh inner critic, but Mars in Leo says, “No, I won’t have it!

Mars describes our motivation, desire, and ability to act on impulse. Leo is radiant, optimistic, self-confident, and prefers to be in the spotlight. Most of all, Mars in Leo wants to be recognized for all its superstar qualities! Mars in Leo is playful, romantic, adventurous, chivalrous. Think of the dashing King or Queen, in all its royal garb. Or Mick Jagger busting the moves on stage, entertaining us with his generous performance, or a young child on a bike for their first time saying, “Mommy, Daddy – Look at me!!

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which in turn rules our heart center or solar core. Mars in Leo wants to shine brightly, radiating its love in 360 playful degrees. It also wants to be seen! And so does everyone else! So while we are taking center stage and dazzling the world with our creative talents and awesome-ness of being—how can we also recognize others for the way they shine? Everyone has something to be proud of, even if we can’t all be kings, queens, or rockstars. We all still have an inner creative child waiting to loved, cherished, and admired. Give yourself a hug! And while you’re at it, give your kids a hug! You are awesome!!!

Saturday, June 12  – Moon in Cancer
It’s another all-day Cancer Moon—domestic and even a bit introverted, focused on home, family, and nurturing relationships. Of course, Mars in Leo (as of yesterday) is just gaining its momentum and doesn’t necessarily want to be tied down with household chores, caretaking, and putting someone else’s needs before its own. Fortunately, the Universe smiles upon us later this evening when the Moon harmonizes with Neptune, helping us to feel more self-sacrificing for loved ones, if and when they need us.

Also tonight, Venus (planet of love, money, and values) harmonizes with Uranus (planet of sudden change, catharsis, rebellion, awakening). Hmmm? Can we ‘harmonize’ with Uranus? …lol. Either way, it could prove exciting. Perhaps we will meet an interesting new friend? Or we will change things up in our existing relationships, breaking up routines and adding an element of surprise. Either way, plans could change on a dime.

In the middle of the night and into Sunday afternoon, Venus also makes an uncomfortable connection to Saturn that could require some adjustments with loved ones, as not everyone is likely to be on the same page about commitments and what constitutes being in integrity. This is a passing influence, so it might be best to draw a gentle boundary and allow a little time to pass before making any final decisions. In other words, maybe you can agree to disagree and seek a little solace in your own energy field for a while doing something you love—alone.

Sunday, June 6 – Moon in Cancer/Leo – Moon Void of Course 4:16 am enters Leo at 11:22 am
I love this post by C.A Brooks from Mark’s Power peek. I don’t think I could say it better!  Thanks C.A.!

“Early morning may be spent fulfilling previous promises to family or taking care of responsibilities at home with the Moon in Cancer separating from a rigid opposition to Pluto in dutiful Capricorn. Later we are more than ok to be on our own with the Moon leaving Cancer, entering Leo, and hooking up with Mars. Like a dog let off its leash we are ready to kick up our heels and feel the wind blowing through our hair. 

We are feeling even more free and fanciful when the Sun in Gemini moves into a square with Neptune. Imagination soars but common sense does not. We may make promises to ourselves or others but whether we follow through is another story. 

Have fun today while trying not to take things too seriously. Dramatic Leo is like theatre, entertaining, and even educational, but things may not look so magical when the curtain comes down and the lights are extinguished. Even so, we can enjoy the production. – C.A. Brooks”


Cosmic Weather Report Week of May 31-June 6, 2021

Language of the Soul Astrology

Monday, May 31 thru Sunday, June 6
Astrological Highlights for the week: Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday; Last Quarter Lunar
Cycle also starts on Wednesday; Sun trines Saturn on Thursday; Venus trines Jupiter; Mercury
squares Neptune on Saturday, while Mars opposes Pluto.

Tuesday, June 1

Void of Course Moon enters Pisces at 2:07 am

While we were sleeping, the moon slipped into imaginative Pisces, perhaps enlivening our dreamtime and awakening our hearts to the spiritual, psychic, and ethereal realms. We may feel like we’re floating through the day. Like the Two Fishes that symbolize the Piscean nature, we find ourselves swimming in a sea of possibilities. The energies of the eclipse season have been pretty intense and emotional. We could be tempted to escape into altered states of consciousness to avoid feeling more pain, grief, or suffering. Life can be cruel. It can also be beautiful. Like the Two Fishes, they are intertwined. Long as we are on planet Earth, there will be suffering. There will also be love, joy, and bliss. Compassion and unity bring us closer to love. Without love, there is only suffering. Again, we are all in this thing together. Anything you can imagine is possible.

Wednesday, June 2

Moon in Pisces

Venus enters Cancer 6:10 am

The last quarter the lunar cycle begins on Wednesday. We are letting go and clearing the clutter in preparation for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10. Since we are in-between Eclipses, it might feel even more essential to bring this last emotional cycle to completion. It’s been intense, folks. Many of us are crying for mercy and seeking much needed relief from sustained pressures and powerful forces beyond our control. We’re in a time of deep introspection. More compassion, love, and acceptance are needed (and please don’t forget to include yourself!!) We are seeking closure as we release excess clutter, toxic people, toxic behaviors, and self-sabotaging patterns, thought, and actions.

As Mercury continues his retrograde journey, we are encouraged to go inward—rethinking, rearranging, recalibrating, and readjusting our priorities so we can realign with our soul’s ultimate destiny. Get onto your knees (if you’re not already there) and surrender. Let go and let God. It’s time!

Also on Wednesday, Venus—Goddess of Love enters nurturing and protective Cancer. Thriving in the deep realm of feelings and emotions, Venus in Cancer is protective of home, roots, and family. She wants to ensure that her loved ones feel safe, loved, needed, and cared for. Cancer is associated with the mother, nurturer, and caretaker archetypes. She is clan-oriented, and anyone whom she loves can be considered family. As such, a deep sense of belonging and togetherness are top priorities now.  Venus is about love and values. Cancer is seeking safety, security, acceptance, and unconditional love – to name a few. As we head into the summer months, Cancer season will be upon us. It’s a time for gardening, home beautification projects, backyard barbeques, and time spent with those close to us. More to come…

Thursday, June 3

Moon in Pisces/Aries

Moon Void of Course at 4:10 am, entering Aries at 10:59 am

Luna’s entrance in Aries brings on the heat with a good dose of cardinal fire. With so many planets in Air and Water signs, a little Fire might be just what the doctor ordered to motivate us out of our fog. Aries is independent, strong, bold and daring. On a quest for adventure, the Warrior courageously takes action to look after its own needs and desires. Seize the day!

The Gemini Sun trines retrograding Saturn in Aquarius today. We take pride in our accomplishments as we continue to work hard. A strong sense of discipline, patience, and perseverance are the character traits that help us stick to the plan, eventually achieving our well-planned goals. With Saturn in retrograde through October, instant gratification may be hard to come by, but today is one of those days where we might be able to see glimmers of the finish line in the shimmering distance.


Saturday, June 5

Moon in Aries/Taurus

Moon Voice of Course at 3:47 pm enters Taurus at 10:46 pm

Today has the potential to be downright confusing and potentially volatile.  Let’s begin with Mercury’s square to Neptune. Mercury rules logic and thought process, while Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, and fantasies. The square can be an angle of tension and crisis, aimed at spiritual growth (but not without a challenge). Like a surfer going over the falls, it’s hard to know up from down or left from right. As we swirl around in a sea of mist, communication could be a little tricky. Texts sent to the wrong person, confusing language, false assumptions, or deluded thinking could feature. But hey, on the other hand, it could be a great day to sink into some art, poetry, or experiment with colors and painting or sculpting. Either way, it might be best not to reach any final conclusions about anything important. And if you don’t have to sign any contracts, it might be best to wait until the fog clears.

If that weren’t enough, Mars in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn, and major power struggles could be the order of the day. Combine that with cloudy communications and magical thinking, and we could feel like a volcano ready to blow – or the volcano could spew hot lava toward us from somewhere else. Either way, the sheer power and magnitude of a volcanic eruption creates new land, is chocked full of life-giving minerals, and precious metals. Ultimately it gives life, but as it is erupting, it produces dangerous and life-threatening gases, heat, smoke, fire, and ask that are all toxic and can kill. Psychologically, we can think of it as a massive eruption of emotion from deep below the surface in the hidden subconscious realms of our being. Though it can be scary, it can also be cathartic and extraordinarily freeing. If you’re not into all that heat, maybe the best way to handle this energy is to find a project that you can sink your teeth into and turn off your cell phone…lol

Later tonight, the Moon will ground itself into earthy Taurus, and we could find a sense of peace and serenity by surrounding ourselves with the sounds of nature, getting a massage and a good meal, or just going to bed early.

Sunday, June 6

Moon Taurus

With Venus now in Cancer and the Moon in earthy Taurus, keeping our focus on home and family could give us a feeling of grounding and security, especially following the potentially volcanic, emotional energy of the past couple of day. Venus-ruled Taurus is tuned into the five physical senses and has an eye for beauty and pleasure. Eating, sleeping, exercising, resting, touching, and being held are all things that can get us back into our body and out of our head. Perhaps a walk on the beach or out in the woods, a picnic with your favorite foods as the birds and butterflies flutter and chatter in the background. Later in the evening, maybe some body work, more good food, and a mineral salt bath? Peace, quiet, serenity… Count me in!

Cosmic Weather Report Week of May 24-May 30, 2021

Language of the Soul Astrology

Monday, May 24 – Moon in Scorpio

Relationships are challenges when Juno (asteroid of marriage and partnership) gets pressure from both Venus and Mars, indicating a pattern of differing value systems, as well as the need to overcome defensiveness and anger. The Scorpio moon adds to the emotional intensity, making this another potentially challenging day.

Tuesday, May 25 – Moon in Scorpio – Moon enters Sagittarius at 4:38 pm

Yesturday’s bad feelings linger into this morning when the Sun and Mars slug it out in a battle of wills. With the Moon still in Scorpio, things continue to be emotional and intense. It’s really a matter of trusting our own inner voice and aligning with truth and wisdom. When the Moon takes flight into Sagittarius at 4:38 pm, we feel a whole lot lighter—more buoyant, optimistic, inspired. Somehow our faith is renewed, and we begin to feel a new hope that everything is going to turn out okay.

Wednesday, May 26 – Full Moon in Sagittarius 1:13 am – Total Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Sagittarius is at a perigee (the closest proximity to Earth) and so the moon will appear much larger than usual. It’s also a total lunar eclipse, known as the Blood Moon, and it packs a lot of intensity and major shifts, especially for those with Sun, Moon, or Rising in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius is the largest in the solar system, so it is quite fitting that this moon will appear really, really BIG! Luna will also be trine Chiron at the eclipse (perfecting at 11:29 am). Some astrologers might dub this the “Healing Moon,” enabling us to find inspiration and meaning in even the worst of circumstances. A Moon-Saturn sextile mid-day could provide some stability and grounding as we search for faith and truth in the myriad of our life’s experience.

Thursday, May 27 – Moon in Sagittarius – Moon enters Capricorn at 4:23 pm

It is the day after a big full moon, and the energies are still running high when the Sag Moon opposes Venus and Mercury in Gemini, squares Neptune in Pisces, while Venus is in square to Neptune, forming a mutable T-square! Yikes! Did you get all that? Fast forward through the technicalities, and what we have is a lot of disorientation and tension. With Neptune involved, it is harder to see the truth in our relationships. We could feel tempted to give too much, finding ourselves getting pulled down the spiral—again. Compassion is always a good thing, long as we also remain compassionate with ourselves. Boundaries are easier to come by when the Moon enters stoic Capricorn later this afternoon, supplying us with a good dose of reality and objective thinking.

Friday, May 28 – Moon in Capricorn

The Capricorn Moon provides a quiet, business-like morning. We might feel like working alone, focusing on working our plan and accomplishing our goals.  Around lunchtime, a critical lunar square to Chiron could turn up the volume on the voice of our inner critic. You know – the one that tells us we never be good enough. Don’t fall for it! Break free from the inner chains that bind you to old paradigms and negative patterns of behavior and do something new.  With a sweet Mercury-Venus connection building steam throughout the day, it might make sense to make some social plans for this evening. Sweet talk and intellectually stimulating conversation can make us feel alive!

Cosmic Weather Report – May 17-23

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Monday, May 17 – Moon enters Leo 2:44 am –
A Sun -Pluto trine gives us some powerful direction to start the day. The optimistic Leo Moon is ready to take the lead, but the desire to be on center stage could take away from the task at hand. Later in the day, Venus meets up with the North Node, and we could feel destined to meet up with some friends who share a similar set of values. We could even make a new friend or two. Financial matters could be favored under this influence. There may be more than one way to do things, and more than one opportunity to change your life course for the better.

Tuesday, May 18 – Moon in Leo
Venus is the featured planet today, suggesting a continued relationship theme. She connects with
Chiron, Uranus, and Pluto. We could be feeling vulnerable and looking for ways to mend broken bridges, as we make exciting breakthroughs into new levels of support and receptivity. We just need to look out for a tendency to be jealous, possessive, and suspicious. We are on a rollercoaster of feelings today, feeling easily hurt, but motivated to talk it out and clear the air. Our tendency toward drama is highlighted with the Leo Moon.

Wednesday, May 19 – First Quarter Phase Moon in Leo  – Moon enters Virgo 10:59 am
The Leo Moon squares the Taurus Sun, and we have an opportunity to find solutions to problems, but it is gonna take a little work. It’s feeling super critical—something must be done! But what?
What were your intentions at the New Moon in Taurus? How can you get back on track? When the moon enters Virgo this morning, it might be hard to see the bigger picture. With a Venus trine to Saturn, we could find some stability by talking to a good friend.

Thursday, May 20 – Sun enters Gemini at 8:09 am – Moon in Virgo
Happy Birthday Gemini!! (listen here to learn more about Gemini). With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Virgo, we are under a strong Mercurial influence. During the lunch hour, we may be struggling with all the choices, finding fault in all of them. Everything starts to synthesize with a nice lunar connection to Mars later in the afternoon. We just need some time to let it all sink in before taking action.

Friday, May 21 – Moon in Virgo – Moon enters Libra at 3:36 pm
Our dreams last night might have wreaked of frustration, as we are still trying to solve a few problems. Our mind and our emotions could be at odds this morning Moon-Mercury square, and we are feeling pretty foggy (Moon opposing Neptune). Everything seems over the top with the Sun’s square to Jupiter.

The day might be better suited to daydreaming, rather than trying to take action. Sometimes the
problems are bigger than our ability to solve them. By mid-afternoon, the Moon moves into social Libra, and we are ready for a break. Maybe a little social time, artistic endeavor, or a stroll through your favorite beauty supply store is on order, preferably with a friend or two. We need some peace, serenity, and balance after the past few days.

Saturday, May 22 – Moon in Libra
When the Libra moon opposes Chiron in Aries just before lunch, it could be time to stop people-pleasing and tend your own healing and need for inner peace. Libra is seeking balance in relationships and often takes a submissive, people-pleasing role to avoid confrontation. The problem is the tendency to shoot from behind the curtain in a passive-aggressive attempt to get back at others for their lack of cooperation and commitment to equal give and take.
With a Mercury square to Neptune, it’s hard to concentrate or keep our thinking clear. Maybe it’s time for a little healthy escape into your favorite movie, music, or creative project. Sometimes allowing ourselves to get lost in a daydream for a while helps to create space for our subconscious to work everything out.

Sunday, May 23 – Moon in Libra – Saturn station retrograde at 13 degrees and 31 minutes of Aquarius around midnight Moon enters Scorpio at 5:00 pm

The ringed planet will retrograde for nearly five months, as we are called to learn more patience,
perseverance, and discipline, possibly due to delays, red tape, or a need to revise our plans. This
eventually leads to the development of self-mastery, achieved through integrity, and wisdom.
When Saturn is retrograde, it gives us a chance to slow down (whether we want to or not), catch our breath and focus on tying up loose ends in our current plans and projects. Obstacles, limitations, and challenges force us to leave no stone unturned as we continue climbing the mountain. Instant gratification is hard to come by, so might as well roll up your sleeves and prepare to work through the challenges.

As the day moves on, our first challenge might involve conflicting agendas with others. And when the Moon enters Scorpio, tuning into the power of our own truth tends to dominate over “making nice.” Cooperation and compromise could prove challenging.

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Cosmic Weather Report – Week of May 10-May 16, 2021

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Language of the Soul Astrology 

Monday, May 10 – Moon in Taurus – Mercury conjunct the North Node – We are heading in new directions when Mercury in Gemini joins the North Node. We are curious and ready to leave the past behind. As the Moon in Taurus joins Uranus, solid change is on order. We are ripe for a breakthrough. Healing conversations are possible with a Mercury-Chiron connection. When the Moon squares Saturn, however, we could feel a little emotionally detached and even alone, realizing that self-reliance is part of life.

Tuesday, May 11 – New Moon in Taurus
Power struggles are the order of the day with a challenging aspect between Mercury and Pluto, but our energies may be low under the melancholy energies of the current lunar cycle. And while the New Moon in Taurus is seeking peace and serenity, a Mars-Chiron square this afternoon may cause us to hurt others and be hurt to the same extent ourselves, as we stir up old pain and find ourselves triggered by long standing issues of rejection and abandonment. As Mars also empowers Uranus, we have an opportunity to breakthrough our triggers and not act or react from a wounded place of being of the victim.

And finally, when the moon trines Pluto, we sink into our truth and cut the crap, eliminating whatever stands in the way of our highest good (be it outdated belief systems, letting go of being the victim, letting go of toxic people and emotional dishonesty) and claiming our power to be true to our soul’s intent to evolve and grow in a healthy way through higher levels of consciousness.

Wednesday, May 12 – Moon enters Gemini
We awaken to an all-day Gemini Moon supported by a Mercury-Saturn trine that tunes us into logic, objectivity, and inventive genius. When the Moon connects with social, beauty seeking Venus, we are tuned into our values, our friendships, and maybe even a little shopping spree (provided we have expendable cash on hand). A beautiful Sun-Neptune connection tunes us into our imagination, music, romance, fantasy, and dreams. We are feeling compassionate with a sense of oneness with all of creation. Overall, this seems like a nice, light, positive energy-filled day (provided there isn’t something challenging in your personal astrology…lol)!

Thursday, May 13 – Moon in Gemini – Jupiter enters Pisces at 12:35 pm
Gemini Moon trines Saturn and joins Mercury this morning. Our thoughts and emotions are in alignment, and we are curiously focused on realistic plans and goals. Jupiter enters imaginative Pisces today and will spend 11 weeks swimming with the Fishes before moving retrograde back into Aquarius. While in Pisces, we have a renewed sense of faith in spiritual ideals and creative visions. Jupiter is about growth and expansion. Pisces is mystical, poetic, and dreamy. Taken together, Jupiter in Pisces enlarges the scope of synchronicity, divine love, unity, and compassion—engaging our imagination and expanding our consciousness through philosophical ideals and activities like expressive dance, meditation, and yoga. We might even find ourselves talking to along with connections to angels, fairies, unicorns—the world of plants, animals, fishes, and insects.

Friday, May 14 – Moon in Gemini – Moon void of course 8:57 am – 3:31 pm – Moon enters Cancer at 3:31 pm
After a night of ethereal and mysterious dreams, we may find ourselves making a few adjustments to realign our current reality with the interest of our highest good. What do we need to let go of? Can last night’s dreamtime offer you a glimpse into your unconscious motivations? Maybe you can take pen to paper in your journal this morning and see if you can find your truth.

By 9 am, the Moon is void of course, and we are free to just drift for a while, letting ourselves float along until the Moon enters emotional Cancer around 3 pm, connecting with Jupiter, expanding our faith in home, roots, and family. 

Saturday, May 15 – Moon in Cancer
Too many squabbles to mention in what could be a rather frustrating day of arguments and hurt feelings. Look for breakthroughs, and try to reach outside of the box for new ways of communicating and expressing anger and shame. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Sunday, May 16 – Moon in Cancer
It looks like another tough day for relationships with multiple squabbles, miscommunications, vulnerability, hurt feelings, frustration, and angst.

The Moon in Cancer is feeling vulnerable, and we may need to retreat into our shells for a while and try not to attack anyone with our pinchers. Cancer rules the stomach, and we could find ourselves with indigestion and cramps today, as we are pressed to the emotional wall.

Compassion gives us a way out, but we’ve gotta cut through the muck to get to it. It’s good to remember that compassion isn’t just for the other guy. Having compassion for ourselves is just as important. None of us is perfect. Tomorrow is another day, and it definitely seems more optimistic.

Cosmic Weather Report – Week of May 3-May 9, 2021

Language of the Soul Astrology

Monday, May 3 – Moon in Aquarius – Mercury enters Gemini at 4:48 pm
Did you sleep? Or were the chattering monkeys in your mind keeping you awake worrying about your duties, obligations, and responsibilities. The rebellious Aquarian Moon would rather not follow the rules, but with Mercury square Jupiter, the Sun square Saturn, and a Moon-Saturn conjunction, we are ready to wrap up any leftover problems and reorient ourselves to the task at hand —adjusting our expectations and plans under a Waning Quarter Phase Moon. The pressure is ON! When Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini today, our minds are activated, and we are feeling chatty! Listen to the Cosmic Weather Report to find out more about Mercury in Gemini.

Tuesday, May 4 – Moon in Aquarius – Moon enters Pisces at 4:09 pm
It’s a quiet morning, if not a little lazy, and we could be off to a slow to start. When the Moon catches up with Jupiter in Aquarius later in the day, we are feeling philosophical as we search for truth and meaning in our lives. We optimistically seek out new horizons so we can grow and expand beyond our current boundaries. Our faith is restored, and our future is bright! Just after the Moon enters Pisces, we find ourselves open to magic with a Jupiter-Uranus quintile that could bring new ideas that inspire and excite.

Wednesday, May 5 – Moon in Pisces
We’re feeling sensitive, protective, and compassionate when the Pisces Moon trines Mars in Cancer early this morning. A Venus-Chiron semi-square could leave us feeling a little vulnerable and unsure of ourselves, as old wounds are re-opened, and we search for acceptance. We get a boost when Jupiter (faith) empowers Ceres (belonging), helping us to heal and move beyond our hurts. The Pisces Moon sextiles both Pluto and Venus solidifying our connection to powerful love that reminds us we are never truly alone. We are all connected in a collective energy of unity and divine purpose.

Thursday, May 6 – Moon in Pisces
Intimacy, connection, divine love, and unity is the order of the day. A Venus-Pluto trine enhances the power of love, but boundaries are blurred when the Pisces Moon conjuncts ruling planet Neptune. Daydreaming and fantasy can lead to creative visions and works of art. Dance, music, mediation, yoga, and spiritual practice are favored over the urge to escape into drugs, alcohol, too much food or other addictive tendency. Engage your imagination and dare to dream!

Friday, May 7 – Moon in Aries We are awakened from our Piscean dreamworld with a strong-willed, ‘I AM’ Aries Moon today. It’s aloha Friday, and we are ready for some adventure and free spiritedness.  We may be inclined to make a phone call or two later this afternoon when the Moon sextiles Mercury. The energy changes dramatically tonight with a Moon-Mars square. Conflicts over differing emotional needs could spark an argument. There is a fine line between anger and motivation—aggression and assertiveness. Impulsive actions can lead to hurt feelings. A more mature warrior knows when and how to take action.

Saturday, May 8 – Moon in Aries –
Venus enters Gemini at 4:01 pm
When Venus squares Jupiter, we may be tempted to go overboard with apologies after yesturday’s conflicts, which could further undermine our ability to get our needs met. Thanks to a Moon -Saturn sextile, we can detach a bit, and look at everything objectively. When Venus enters Gemini at 4:01 pm, we become motivated to talk things out in the spirit of compromise. While the planet of love in the sign of the Twins, we are curious about love. We seek variety, new friends, and intellectually fun, flirty connections. If we are single, we might meet more than one new potential mate, or find ourselves dating more than one person at a time.

Sunday, May 9 – Moon in Aries – Moon enters Taurus at 1:47 pm
Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a feisty day and the Warrior isn’t afraid to go into battle. When the Aries Moon squares Pluto early this morning, fuel is added to the leftover embers from last Friday, and sparks may be flying all over again. When lively Mercury bumps into war torn Eris, we could have some brutal words. The Taurus Moon could settle things down a bit if we get out in Nature, surround ourselves with plants, animals, birds, and rolling hills—soothing our rocked nervous systems. The body has the final say. How can you calm down and settle into a state of peace and serenity? Maybe a massage, a little gardening, some soft music, or healing touch? After the last fiery couple of days in Aries, a little grounding might be nice as we tune into the present moment and find ourselves starting to relax and unwind.

Cosmic Weather Report – April 25 to May 2

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Monday, April 26 – Moon in Libra – Moon enters Scorpio at 6:18 am
Full Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio at 5:31 pm
The Libra Moon is being challenged by Pluto. We are tired of compromise! It is time to be honest about our feelings. When Luna trines Jupiter, anything is possible long as we keep the faith. And when Mercury and Venus in Taurus sextile Pallas Athene in Pisces, we are empowered to soften our edges, smoothing out any ruffled feathers.

All of this is taking place under a pregnant Moon ready to burst into Scorpio, revealing powerful truths and intense emotions simmering just below the surface and ready to explode with the Full Moon at 7 degrees of Scorpio. (Listen to this week’s Cosmic Weather Report above to hear more about the Full Moon in Scorpio).

Tuesday, April 27 – Moon in Scorpio – Pluto stations retrograde Lots of intensity today when the Scorpio Moon opposes Venus and Mercury, seeking a balance between unconscious needs and our conscious values. And when Mars enters the mix, we could be feeling a bit defensive and hot under the collar.

Brooding, obsessing, and possessiveness are the shadow side of Scorpionic energy, along with a tendency toward jealousy, manipulation, and coercion. Fixed and stagnant emotions can be transformed and rebirthed by letting go of patterned behaviors that keep us imprisoned in the dark recesses of our own psyche.

Pluto (the ruling planet of Scorpio) stations retrograde at 26 degrees, 48 minutes of Capricorn, intensifying our drive to initiate something with long-lasting significance through a last-ditch power play. (Listen to this week’s Cosmic Weather Report to hear more about the Pluto Retrograde). Hopefully, when the Moon trines Neptune later this evening, we can relax, escape, imagine, and dream.

Wednesday, April 28 – Moon in Sagittarius 5:43 am – It is a relatively light day in the cosmos, and we can sure use it! Under an inspired Sagittarius Moon, we are feeling philosophical as we search for truth and meaning in our lives. As we set our sights on new horizons, we might also need to make a few minor adjustments to the way we express our anger thanks to a Moon-Mars quincunx. How can we reconcile differences between ego desires and our underlying emotional needs? Marshall Rosenberg, founder of a technique called Non-Violent Communication (NVC), might say that our anger really comes from unmet emotional needs. Getting stuck or lost in our feelings and emotions sometimes means that we miss out on what we really need to be at peace.

Thursday, April 29 – Moon in Sagittarius
Lots of contrasting energies today under an optimistic Sag Moon. Sometimes it seems rather cumbersome writing about so many conflicting energies conspiring in the cosmos. Today is one of those days where we can be reminded that although we face many challenges, we are continually growing and changing—letting go of the old patterns that no longer serve us, as we regenerate into new and better versions ourselves.

Friday, April 30 – Moon in Capricorn 6:15 am
It is the last day of April, and the path is unpredictable when the Sun and Uranus conjoin in Taurus invoking sudden epiphanies, a change of direction, and possible new circumstances related to our basic security, stability, resources, and maybe even our finances. Things can get pretty heated for a while, when the Capricorn Moon opposes Mars in Cancer, challenging our emotions and sense of safety. We can get angry about our circumstances, or we can get motivated to change. The choice is ours.

Saturday, May 1 – Moon in Capricorn
The stoic Capricorn Moon helps us sort out a mid-morning Mercury-Chiron semi-square that stirs up insecurity about expressing ourselves, due to fear of being rejected, or due to feelings of not being good enough. If we can focus on our natural gifts and talents, we can rise above adversity to heal some old hurts and mend a few broken bridges. Later in the day, the Moon finds solace in trine to Venus and sextile to dreamy Neptune, tuning us into Divine Love. We find beauty, peace, and balance knowing that we are all in this crazy world together. Just before midnight, a Mercury-Pluto trine brings us back to earth, as we reclaim our power, speaking passionately about our personal truths.

Sunday, May 2 – Moon in Capricorn – Moon enters Aquarius at 9:31 am
Best to get up early and finish up any important business before the Moon shifts into freedom-loving Aquarius. After all—it’s the weekend, and we are ready to break away from rules and restrictions and spend some time socializing with friends. A sweet Venus-Neptune sextile has us wearing a lovely pair of rose-colored glasses, and everything looks so beautiful! Might as well enjoy it while you can! Tomorrow brings a hard dose of reality, and we might start to feel it before we go to bed tonight. Enjoy the day—worry about tomorrow – tomorrow!!  It’s Sunday!

Cosmic Weather Report – April 18 – 25

Language of the Soul Astrology

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Astrological Highlights for Monday, April 19, 2021
Moon in Cancer
Moon Enters Leo 8:10 pm
First Quarter Lunar Phase
Sun and Mercury enter Taurus
The Sun enters Taurus today, and we are learning to slow down and smell the roses. The spiritual
principle of Taurus is to master the art presence through a sense of belonging to Nature. As the Aries
Warrior rides off into the sunset, Taurus the bull is ready to relax, eat a good meal, get a massage, listen
to some great music, and gather a few resources to build solid structures and situations that can stand
the test of time. Listen to more about Taurus here.
When Mercury enters Taurus for the next month, our minds slow down, too. We need more time to
make decisions and chew on a few ideas. We are looking for solid outcomes that can stand the test of

The sensitive Cancer Moon opposes Pluto midafternoon, possibly sparking arguments that affect the
rest of the day. Luna enters Leo at 8:10 pm, then squares the Sun an hour later to mark the First Quarter
Lunar Phase. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on any issues that stand in the way of our
intentions during the New Moon in Aries last week.

Tuesday, April 20
Moon in Leo
The first Jupiter /Pluto semi-sextile empowers us to come to terms with the profound changes that have
transpired since the 2020 pandemic. Jupiter teaches us to have faith, as we learn to integrate a better
sense of social awareness moving into the future. Pluto teaches us to go deep, meet with our inner
demons, discover our truth, let go of the old, embrace change, and be reborn.
Under the influence of the Leo moon, creativity is close at hand. Leo is fixed fire providing others with a
warm and everlasting glow. As you come to terms with the changes in your life, don’t forget to tune into
the needs of your inner child today. Have fun. Never mind all the chaos and discord as Luna squabbles
back and forth with Venus, Uranus, and Saturn.
With the Sun and Mercury now in Taurus, maybe we can find some grounding out in Nature, where we
can fully embrace the beauty of the present moment.

Wednesday, April 21
Moon in Leo
Venus’ opinionated scuffle with Juno today triggers possible arguments over differing belief systems and
potential commitment issues. The Leo Moon could add fuel to the flames if all we think about is our own
needs. Luckily, a sweet Venus-Jupiter quintile provides synchronistic opportunities to take a few risks in
love (and finances). Growth in our relationships comes with the freedom to live according to a set of
personal values and principles. If our current relationships do not fit in with that value system, Jupiter
may find a way to expand us out of them. Either way, freedom is the key.

Thursday, April 22
Moon in Virgo
We are on a practical course of action today with the Virgo Moon. Time to tidy up and attend to the
small details of daily living, work, health, and service. But we can also expect the unexpected thanks to a
fusion between Venus (love, money, values) and Uranus (sudden change, surprises, breakthroughs). This
could be exciting or upsetting. A new love affair that starts today could be exciting, but also unstable
with possible lack of commitment. And with a tussle between cerebral Mercury and ethereal Neptune,
our thinking could be a little cloudy, or even confused. We might find a way to break out of the mold
when the Virgo Moon trines Mercury and Uranus tonight, providing sudden flashes of insight, genius,
and practical know how to make things happen.

Friday, April 23
Moon in Virgo
Mars enters Cancer while we sleep, and we feel motivated by our security needs. Our desire for safety,
acceptance, unconditional love, and nurturing is strong. Emotional sensitivity, withdrawal, and
defensiveness can take over if we are feeling rejected or abandoned by family or loved ones. It is easy to
take things personally, but maybe the humble Virgo Moon can help us find our grounding as we tackle
our daily chores, tend to the details of daily living, and find a way to be of service to someone in need.
Mercury and Uranus are also teaming up in Taurus to provide us with fresh ideas, heightened intuition,
and possible new resources to help us build a solid future. Keep a pen and paper handy, as ideas may
come and go rather quickly.

Saturday, April 24
Moon in Libra
We are feeling successful this morning thanks to a trine between the Moon and Pluto that happened as
we slept. And now we may need to make a few adjustments, taking heed not to overestimate our
capabilities with a quincunx to Jupiter.
It is an all-day Libra moon. Libra is the archetype of the diplomat, peacemaker, and artist, but when Luna
squares Mars this morning, it can rouse our anger and aggression in relationships. Venus also squabbles
with Saturn, and we could be feeling cool and detached from loves ones. The current challenge is to
reach new levels of growth and commitment in our relationships through cooperation, compromise, and
assertive (not aggressive) communication of our feelings.

Sunday, April 25
Moon in Libra
The art of compromise wins the day when Mercury in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, and
communications with others become a challenge. Everyone seems stuck and fixed in their own patterns
of thought and assessment of reality. The Libra Moon finally connects with Mercury and Venus to help
us make adjustments with a few kind words and a spirit of congeniality. Issues may be solved with

Cosmic Weather Report – April 11 – 18

Find out what’s in the stars this week!
This week’s report will be in the form of an MP3 audio file. Tune into this week’s KAOI radio show. You can also get the daily highlights on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channels. Read the highlights below:

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astrology chart

Thursday, April 15 – Moon in Gemini – The Moon flew into verbal and curious Gemini late last night, and we awaken to conversations, phone calls, and questions as soon as we wake. It’s also the beginning of the waxing crescent phase of the lunar cycle, when we feel excited and empowered to start taking steps to realize the potential of the New Moon in Aries last Sunday. When the Aries Sun connects with Jupiter in Aquarius this morning, we receive a desperately needed spark of optimism and hope, as well as a reminder to have faith in the future no matter what our current circumstances may be.

Friday, April 16 –  Moon in Gemini
We start the day off with a challenging energy pattern when strong-willed Sun in Aries  conflicts with unyielding Pluto in Capricorn, creating a possible battle of wills, where someone may be attempting to dominate a person or a situation through aggressive acts, manipulation, or some other form of naked power play.

A quintile between cerebral Mercury and realistic Saturn allows us to think outside the  box and find an inventive way to deal with the situation. Slow down a bit, breathe, allow the feeling of frustration to ground itself through patience and perseverance.  A little bit of discipline combined with inventive ideas could set us free. With the Moon in Gemini, we may of two minds, and it could be challenging to stop the chattering monkeys in our brains. Keep your words clean and avoid the temptation to gossip. Watch out for delusional thinking this evening, and if you feel the need to escape, try to do so in a healthy way without the use of toxic substances.

Saturday, April 17 – Moon in Gemini/Cancer
The Moon in Gemini is very energetic and active this morning, connecting with four planets in a handful of hours. We are enlivened by Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars all before lunch inspiring positive ideas and encouraging conversations, networking, and social activity.  After lunch, Luna settles into her home sign of Cancer, and we may start to feel the need to slow down the pace. And when Mercury conflicts with Pluto, communications with others could take on a ruthless tone. Words can be like black magic when we are ruthlessly seeking to dominate others, or we may be the ones being dominated. It might be nice not to make assumptions or take things personally. And do your best not to take the bait! Bite your tongue!We wrap up the day with a sweet Moon / Venus connection. Feel the love and acceptance that your close circle of family and friends can offer. If you find yourself alone and feeling vulnerable, treat yourself with loving kindness. Easy does it.

Sunday, April 18 – Moon in Cancer –
Luna is feeling comfortable and domestic in her home sign of Cancer, and we might feel like doing things around the house, like tending to the garden, making some nice food, and spending time with loved ones. After a stimulating week, being at home can provide a sense of safety, security, and grounding. When the Sun and Mercury meet up later in the day, we could feel a little chatty. But it’s been a long, active week. Take care of yourself and your deepest needs.  And if you’re tired, it’s okay to just go to bed early if you feel like it.


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