A Few Words About Astrology

Astrology is an ancient and magical language of the soul. It speaks to the core essence of your original being and dances to the inner beat of your own wild drummer. Your soul would rather fail at being true to its own sacred path, than to succeed at someone else’s.

Ora'lea Starr Astrology Image Astrology is about living your life fully, in the here and now Universe with purpose toward your soul’s evolution and growth. It’s all about helping us to live as authentically as possible, and to be all we were created to be. It’s about timing. It’s about choices. Life can be tough sometimes. Life is like a wave. It goes up, it comes down. Sometimes the waters are calm, glassy and serene – and other times it’s choppy and rough. At its worst, it’s a violent, stormy and angry sea – and we fear loss of control, loss of our loves ones, maybe even our life. We feel fear, period.

A good astrology reading helps us navigate the seas of our own inner Universe, as well as to gain perspective of our role in the greater Collective. It’s inspired and full of possibilities. Think of it like a cosmic weather report. We might not be able to stop the rain from coming, but we can at least be prepared with an umbrella, rain coat, and boots. Astrology is like an old, dear friend, leading the way with a lighted torch, illuminating our path – helping us to understand life’s many lessons, and how we can grow from them and become better people. Astrology is like that.

Step One: Choose A Reading

Natal Birth Chart Reading: Pathway to Self Discovery

At the precise moment of your birth, a celestial map of the sky was imprinted on what’s commonly referred to as your “soul.” This unique blueprint is called your birth chart. It reveals your basic personality and potential. We are all born in response to a spiritual need on the planet, but not everyone fulfills that potential. The language contained in your natal chart shows you how to integrate all the inner forces of your being. In essence, it helps you to accept yourself as you are created, as you strive to awaken to deeper levels of expressing your unique self. Your natal chart explains the mystery of you!

Transit and Progression Reading: Seasons of the Soul

Just as the ocean rises and falls with the influence of the moon, so too does our inner ocean undulate to the celestial poetry of the Universe. This fluid journey and the greater meaning or purpose behind it can be revealed by looking at the positions of the planets today, in relation to where they were when you were born. With its perfect cyclic timing, you can become aware of the countless windows of opportunity that are endlessly unfolding through time, in various areas of your life. With that awareness, you can take full advantage of the merging trends and effectively navigate your way through the winding labyrinth we call life.

Synastry Reading: The Union of Souls

What attracts her to those deep, dark, mysterious, passionate types? What does he see in those independent, offbeat, eccentric, rebellious women? Do you help each other to grow? Or do you endlessly get in each other’s way? There are many kinds of relationships. Lovers, business partners, parent-child, brother-sister, friend-friend… There’s even a relationship to your “enemies.” What new energies are created by this union of souls? Compare your chart with another’s for a vison of your astrological compatibility and find out how you color and season each other’s world.

Step Two: Choose Your Price

Readings can be done in person on Maui throughout most of the year. Readings in the Bay Area of California can be scheduled in person during specific times. Call or email to make special arrangements.

Readings can also be done over Zoom , with a few exceptions. I can also record your reading and send via email or snail mail. Phone meetings are also possible, though recording quality is often not as good. 

$60  –  30 minutes: Phone only. Subject to availability. Excludes Synastry readings. No print-outs, charts, or recordings are provided with this option. Choose this option if you have a single question, or if you need a quick update from a previous reading, or if you just need to check in. You can always add more time.

$260  –  80 Minutes: Excludes Synastry readings.

$320  –  Two Hour Synastry Reading

*You must choose this option if you are ordering a Synastry reading*

Astrology Reading Request and Payment Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Provide time of birth as close to the exact time if possible. If unknown, use your best guess.
  • Please select which option you would like. Once you hit submit, you will be taken to Paypal for payment processing.
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